EU 2.4 Hours of Le Mans - Sun 24 May 2020

Daiman Patel

rFactor 2 Technical Assistant
Jun 4, 2011
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It's been a while since our last "Special Event" in the rFactor 2 club, so we think that it's about time for another! With the motorsport calendar on hold due to the current situation, this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans has been postponed, currently until September. But we still need our endurance racing fix... so why not take part in the race yourself, in this "Special Event". Come join us - sign up for your spot on the grid NOW! And remember to stay safe folks. :)

This idea is the brainchild of and will be jointly hosted by @Paul Glover! :thumbsup:

You must be a PREMIUM member. You must also use your REAL NAME on all RD servers and TeamSpeak, and include this in your forum profile. It is the only way of identifying who you are during an event.

[Server & TeamSpeak Password]
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[Racing Club Rules]
[Incident Reporting]

Server Name:

  • Acura ARX-05 - [Steam]
  • Cadillac DPi-V.R - [Steam]
  • Mazda RT24-P - [Steam]
  • Oreca 07 LMP2 - [DLC] - Endurance Pack
  • BMW M8 GTE - [DLC] - Endurance Pack
  • Corvette C7.R GT3-R - [DLC] - Endurance Pack
  • Porsche 911 RSR - [DLC] - Endurance Pack
  • Aston Martin Vantage GTE - [DLC]
Track: Le Mans - [DLC]
Track Temperature: 25°C
Fixed Setups: No (setups can be shared)
Start Type: Formation Lap & Rolling Start
Driving Assists: Auto Clutch, Auto Shifting
Time / Weather: Day -> Night / Mixed
ABS/TC: Factory Defaults

Schedule: (EU) Sunday 24 May 2020
Practice: 16:00 UTC (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 16:30 UTC (30 minutes)
Warm Up: 17:00 UTC (5 minutes)
Race: 17:05 UTC (2 hours 24 minutes)


  • Driver swapping is allowed for this event, but only one car per team can take part in the qualifying session. Individual drivers can take part in this event as normal.
  • It is the responsibility of faster cars to safely overtake slower cars. When a faster car is overtaking a slower car (in a different class), whether a blue flag is being shown to the slower car or not, the slower car should be predictable and remain on the racing line. The faster car should execute the overtake only when it is safe to do so. If a faster car is lapping another car in the same class then the same rule applies; some cooperation may be required to facilitate the overtake. Please be sensible.
  • All of the standard Racing Club Rules still apply to this event.



  1. Daiman Patel & Rui F. Martins
  2. Peter Stokman
  3. Luca Staccini Anzanello
  4. Bert Austen
  5. Michele Esposito
  6. SenLu
  7. Ramón Clemente
  8. Magnus Dahlgren
  9. Derek44
  10. Alex Freitas

  1. Knut Mattheisen & AyrtonForever
  2. SOLO59
  3. Herlev
  4. Ingemar Petersson
  5. Michel vL
  6. Otune
  7. Fucitol
  8. Marco Antonio Rodriguez
  9. ApexHunter
  10. Ulfhedinn

  1. Stephen Gibb
  2. Roy Magnes
  3. Mastria
  4. Pauli Ahonen
  5. The GT Formula
  6. Paul Glover
  7. Vanisch
  8. Balazs Floszmann
  9. David Jessat
  10. Gasper Zupan
  11. Adam Farmer
  12. PicoBp
  13. leerb
  14. Wayne Hutchison
  15. csar77
  16. tim80810
  17. bofu
  18. yshmana007
  19. EagleEyes
  20. Martin Fiala
  21. Shadylurker
  22. Rogue Racing
  23. machadotiago2
utp: 202 DP




S397 Ferrari 488 GTE will not be available

Unfortunately the recently announced Ferrari 488 GTE will not be available for selection in next week's event, even if it is released before the race. The reason for this is that not all participants will necessarily be able or have a chance to purchase the new car in time for the event. I do not believe it would be fair to expect drivers, who have already signed up to participate in the race, to buy additional DLC on such short notice so that they can continue to take part. Apologies if you were hoping that this car would be made available. However, you can be sure that we'll host another special event, including the Ferrari, very soon!

"Low drag" / "Le Mans" Aero Package

This is a notice / reminder that all cars, in all 3 classes, have a "low drag" / "Le Mans" aero package that we recommend drivers to use for this event. The package is an "Upgrade" option that can be enabled via the 'Tuning' menu, when selecting your car. It must be selected manually when you first join the server; after this the setting should be remembered, if you select the same car, but we recommend confirming this each time, by entering the 'Tuning' menu, before joining the server.
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Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
May 25, 2009
Ooooh!! An opportunity to bring out the art-car again, but also an opportunity to try the DPi's... Desicions, desicions...

Art-car it is, one GTE spot for me, please :)
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Pauli Ahonen

Nov 11, 2017
Sign me up for the madness!
I will choose GTE for now, i can change on the race day to even the classes out. (but not dpi...)
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Daiman Patel

rFactor 2 Technical Assistant
Jun 4, 2011
Art-car it is, one GTE spot for me, please :)
LMP2, please :)
In, please, thank you.
Sign me up for the madness!
I will choose GTE for now, i can change on the race day to even the classes out. (but not dpi...)
Would love to get involved in this!
Timing is a bit easier for me too.

Could I have a GTE spot please mate?
Provisional DPI for me please!
Sign me up please! Lmp2
LMP2 please :)
You have all been added to the list, gentlemen! :thumbsup:
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