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1st race after patch and an odd result [PC]

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Narcil, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Narcil


    So I got the PC update when I logged into games for windows live tonight, I must say its much more fun actually being able to run Fuel Sim and compete.

    However I got a strange result that I cant work out,

    I started 3rd, was in 1st by the first corner.
    Held this position until lap 5 when i came in to pit (I was holding up a train as my tires were shot)
    Got fking irritated as Massa and Hamilton who were both behind me in the train, just ghosted through me on pit entry :(
    I then pull out of pits (no pit bug) and im in 10th or 11th or so. I was jumped by Webber who pitted 1 lap earlier, (aswell as massa and hamilton).

    Now I'm happily going through the race trying to get back past massa and hamilton which i manage to do, as well as passing most of those late stopping in the Pit lane.

    Now this is the confusing thing, Trulli my team-mate has somehow managed to get himself from his 23rd starting position all the way up to 3rd by late stopping. (I know he stopped because he came out of the pit lane about 2 secs ahead of me, and with what i think were fresh option tyres promptly ran away).

    I have no idea how he managed to lap that fast, as he managed to turn a 25second gap that I had over him when i pitted into a 2sec lead in just 4-5 laps.

    Maybe this was caused by the patch re-adding the catchup.xml which i had previously removed, but this irritated the hell out of me as its the 1st time he has had a points finish, and more to the point the 1st time he has finished infront of me.

    btw ended up 6th (Barrichello and Sutil also jumped every1 by running long).
  2. Ryan Malley

    Ryan Malley

    hmm, surely the later stop on what appears to be 20% race distance wouldn't generate THAT MUCH of an advantage. very strange
  3. Scott L. Harrison

    Scott L. Harrison

    Thats a pretty good one, id probably class that as bug, report it in codemasters forums with proper procedures
  4. EightBall


    I had exactly the same! I restarted career with Lotus and in 1st race Trulli started the race from 20 grid. After race I was confused when didn't find his name behind me since I qualified 8th and finished 9th. Instead I found Trulli on 3rd place! Sounds like a bug to me too...
  5. Ho3n3r


    I deleted my catchup.xml file AGAIN after the patch, so this rubber banding seems to be caused by that file because ever since deleting catchup.xml the AI have been far more consistent.
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