1st Lap on Race Please Help!!!!!!

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    I have started a career and while I can place 3rd in qualifying at Australia and go round and put several laps in without coming off the track when I start the race I just seem to keep spinning it. I understand that the tyres are cold I have slowed down massively for corners I have used half throttle or appropriate throttle coming out of corners I have tried everything and probably started this race over 50 times already. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just me? I don't consider myself to be a poor racer and have enjoyed every f1 title since early days of geoff crammond but this is seriously beginning to f*!k me off. If I don't complete a race soon I shall just give it up as a bad job. Thanks for any replies.
  2. Christopher Greer

    Christopher Greer

    It's the fuel. When you're in practice or quali you probably only have 5-10 laps worth of fuel in your car. If I'm remembering my Martin Brundle commentary properly, fully loaded F1 cars carry about 150 kg of fuel (that's about 330 lbs). So even at 1/4 race distance, the added weight of about 35-40 kg of fuel to a 640 kg vehicle has a big impact on handling
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    This is right. The car is full of fuel and the tyres are cold. In a 100% lenght races you have the max load of fuel. In 2010 and 2011 versions (when we already have free practice 1 and 2 :mad:) I used P1 and P2 to test the car for race. I load very big amount of fuel to test the car and find a good setup for race. In this mode you can see how the car is in race condition and in case tune your setup. After that, on free practice 3 I put only 5 laps of fuel and try the setup in qualy condition. Pay particular attention to the differents point of braking between race with full tank and qualy with a empty tank.
    Now in 2012 version I try to do all this in the unique free practice session.