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Skins 1999 F1 Season Skin Pack (ASR's Ferrari F399) 1.0

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Connor Jutte submitted a new resource:

1999 F1 Season Skin Pack (ASR's Ferrari F399) - 1999 F1 Seasonal Skin Pack for Asr's Ferrari F399

F1 1999 Season - Using ASR's Ferrari F399 as a base. This is a free mod on asrformula.com, which I have been enjoying. I hope this skin pack helps you enjoy it as well.

Mod Includes 1999 Season Skins, Gloves, and Helmets.

Things of Note
- There are Ferrari badges on the steering wheel that I can't get off without the whole steering wheel looking off.
- There is a bump in the back on the engine cover that I had to work around (Most skins worked fine but for the Jordan 199 skins I...

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@Connor Jutte You can remove Ferrari logo by editing F399_INT_Detail.dds
Hey, thanks for letting me know! So I went into "F399_INT_Detail.dds" and tried to edit it as I did other .dds files but I can't get it to lighten up... The first screen grab is showing the base and second when I try to remove the logos. I can get them off but everything is just super dark. I've tried to adjust the opacity of the multiply layer, tried balance of the image. Any tips?


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