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1978 Mod F1 Renault (AI) does't accelerate above 2nd gear.

Friends, 1. I have a problem in 1978 mod F1. Renault f1 RS01 bot car (AI) does not accelerate above 2nd gear. When I drive this car - everything is fine. Perhaps the default machine is using the wrong settings .SVM? But I tried different tracks. Maybe gear ratio, engine.ini ? But everything is fine, when I drive Renault RS01.
2. How to change the format of the laps on the track for AI bots in qualification? By default, AI bots go around one hot lap (rarely two hot laps), and then go on a long series of laps to the end. It doesn't matter what the total number of laps is. 12 laps or more. This usually takes 30 minutes. Duration of qualification: 1 hour.
3. How can I change the strategy of bots for a race?
For example: the choice of tires, the amount of fuel.
The only thing I came up with was to randomly change the size of the fuel tanks of the bots in .HDV. So that they go in a light car and with a lot of pit stops.
Thanks in advance for the answers.

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