1967 MonacoGTR2 RacerM

Tracks 1967 MonacoGTR2 RacerM V1.0

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Jon c

Original poster
Jun 14, 2017
Jon c submitted a new resource:

1967 MonacoGTR2 RacerM - GTR2

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This track was converted by me from Rfactor to GTR2 for my personal enjoyment more than a year ago. I have been working on it ever since.
I had taken this project as far as it can go until Dredop came out with his version and especially his new aiw. He allowed me to use his material
and combine it with mine to make this version for your...
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Dec 25, 2018
Love this track, it was very dangerous and lasted until initial 70s
However too bad there is a bug: when you reach the 1st position you'll see it blinking to 2nd right after
the Tabac corner. Usually after the 10/11 lap your position will increase up to the last.
Of course i never did a cut of the track, it just spoil any race you do...