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1966 Corvette CASC 4-197 history needed

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by william keogh, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. william keogh

    william keogh

    Anyone remember the driver, owner, races driven in and car number at Westwood in period prior to 1990 of following 1966 Corvette

    Year: 1966
    VIN: 194376S113963
    Sold new by: Nelson Chevrolet Seattle Wash
    Original Color: Nassau Blue/Bright blue
    Engine: unknown, now GM Performance 350 H.O modified to 465HP.:
    Full roll cage, fuel cell, race seat, instruments, fire system. prepped for SVRA, Group 10.
    Notes/Race History: Built on 2/15/1966 and shipped to Nelson Chev., Seattle WA. race car and repainted red w/ white race stripe. Full roll cage and modified 350-V8 installed. Likely raced in northwestern US SCCA, SVRA and CASC. Has CASC Tag #4-197 on dash prior to 1990.

    Owners : 1990 - Roy Sjoberg after 1990 for one year

    Contact : william Keogh at e mail: wllmkeogh@yahoo.com

    Sold by Robert Pass of St.Louis MO of Passport Transport to Ed Henning of Charleston SC at the 1990 Palm Beach Historic race at Moroso Park FL about March 10, 1990,
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