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1923 Delage 2LCV - Blue (Dirty)

Skins 1923 Delage 2LCV - Blue (Dirty) 1.0

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Feint submitted a new resource:

1923 Delage 2LCV - Blue (Dirty) - They raced on dirt back then

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Here's a skin for the lovely 1923 Delage 2LCV. It's blue and black and dirty. The story behind this is that maybe there was an engine fire or an accident and several of the body panels had to be created from scratch, but they had an extra hood (bonnet) piece from a crashed #3 car they could use once they scraped the number off.

I've included a custom pit board and a new high resolution version of the grill emblem that you can paste into other skin...

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Excellent work thank you! really looks fantastic, any chance though making a clean version without the dirt as an option?
Oops, totally missed this at the time. Looks fantastic, I always feel a bit of dirt and rust adds another layer of depth and detail to the textures.


Yeah, it looks great :)

I've never made a skin for AC, but I thought I'd try and remove the glossiness from the rusted areas, and I think it worked!