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Skins 155 V6 TI #5, Martini Racing 1.0

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Oct 13, 2009
Gufo_Tave submitted a new resource:

155 V6 TI #5, Martini Racing - 155 V6 TI #5, Martini Racing

Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI #5 "Museo dell'automobile di Torino"

This is my first attempt to make a skin for Assetto Corsa.

This skin reproduce the car in the Car Museum at Turin (for some reason, the original #5 skin was given to Alessandro Nannini, while the real car was driven by Larini), and replace car #5 in the game.

Frankly speaking, i just worked on details: logos (like the Martini Racing ones, missing on the original skins), some details on front bumper and the rear wing.
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