[100K] Lotus Elan @ Knockhill - Thursday 2nd October 2008

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Warren Dawes

Ooh! I feel all dirty and ashamed now. :redface::redface::redface:
Three (3 !!!) Stop n Go Penalties in one race. Pretty weird actually, every damned one of them was for going a tad wide in a turn, not cutting. :frown:

Anyhow, it was still fun, great cars to drive and a nice little track.
Qualy produced a PB for me of 59.4 secs so that felt ok. Put me about P4 or P5 I think.
For the race my setup seemed wrong somehow, too little power exiting the turns (wrong diff setting I suppose), I guess I should have had a check what I was using lol. So I just tried to stay clean and it was going ok until the Penalties started. First S n G, I couldn't line up the pitbay, so farted about for a while going back and forth till I found it. That proved valuable training for the next two S n G's. The last one was a classic, by that stage I was being ultra careful, and then Gary posted a chat message, so I looked up to read it, drifted a tad wide, and guess what. Number 3.

After all that mucking about, including a visit to the wall while circulating with Simon (and having fun), I still finished P5, so others must have been having similar problems.

Thanks for the event Andy and to all who raced. GTL is still my favourite driving sim, maybe because I am as old as the cars. :wink:

Simon Bacon

...After all that mucking about, including a visit to the wall while circulating with Simon (and having fun), I still finished P5, so others must have been having similar problems.
That was weird for me, you were in P5, me P6 and I was trying to get my head round '...that's Warren in front and if I overtake him, he'll still be in front...' (It's been a loooong day:D) Anyway. I thought so hard about it I....errr.......spun off.:pound:
The race was fun for me too, i know i don't have the level to win a race so my priority is to finish and to don't disturb friends in the track. Even if i was carefull i "eat" the grass about two times but with no consequences. My "pleasure" was a bit cutted when in lap 44 i was DQ and i don't why. If someone could explain me what i did wrong i could avoid it next time. Thanks all for the fun.:thumb:

Hans Sneep

hmm, i got a stop'n go and i wait for a signal to come in for it, nothing obvious popped up (unless its on that annoying pitboard) I cross the line and get DQ'd

Was doing well 13 laps without even touching the grass :D
Same to me I was the first one I think lap 5 or 6 did not see it coming.

Follow the race from the pits a while, nice fights an spins on that tiny track.

Left to walk my dogs thee ware grumbling.

see you on WatGlen.

A night of Racing way up high on the RD "Fun-0-Meter"!!!

A bit of nailed lap got me 2nd place to SamJ to start,we set off in unison and make ourselves a handy little early gap,rear view i see some battling going on as well helping me and Sam break away(happy days)!,but soon Eck is through in the battle behind and set about catching me,at the same time Sam raises the game a bit making his own we gradual gap to me,i found if i drove like an eejit who just dont care!!,i could keep the gap pegged,and gap Eck a bit,got into a nice rythym and concentrated on trying to claw back some time from Sam,and it worked,then i got too excited at the chicane and had a wee spin,gawd knows where Eck had got to at this point as i never lost a place,but was back to a hefty 7secs or so to Sam now :(.
I went for another push and see what happened,and was happy to see the gap dropping,not every lap,but i think the traffic was luckier for me than for Sam,with 2 laps to go i was sitting pretty and went for a final attack for the now very possible win,Sam even signalled to me by waving his hand up showing me 2 fingers (i assume thats what he was saying?),i then got a slide on at the right hander before the chicane and bit the edge of the barrier,my little Lotus died in my arms right there at the side of the track guys! :(....:pound:.
Grats Sam!! quality home win big fella,well done Ben and Eck rounding out the top 3.
Many thanks all top rate blue flag guys :thumb:.
Stuart m8 forget about it,it was all about the fun of the night and the good craic with the gentlemen GTL gang! :wink:.
Many Thanks Andy for arranging this wee tartan classic :p

Warren Dawes

My "pleasure" was a bit cutted when in lap 44 i was DQ and i don't why. If someone could explain me what i did wrong i could avoid it next time. Thanks all for the fun.:thumb:
Maybe, like me, you picked up a Stop n Go, but didn't realise it. You only get a brief chat message, easy to miss. It also seemed that you could get Stop n Go's without actually cutting (see my post). All I can think of is you got one, didn't realise it, and got the DQ for not pitting.
Certainly in one of my "glorious" passes in the chicane i could get a stop and go for cutting the track and not see it... I'll try to be more carefull next time.
Thanks Warren.

Andy Marsden

Well where do I start? What a fantastic and enjoyable race that was last night! :D
No problems whatsoever and everyone who took part raced extremely cleanly. Plenty of banter during practice and towards the end of qualifying as well which was great to see. Anyway on to the race report!

Managed to get a good rhythm but couldn’t find the speed to match the rest of the field so I started 12th and last. Still happy though as I’m gaining better control of the car as I continue to use manual gears.

Got a good start and managed to get up to 9th by the first corner. Gained a couple more places as a few in front of me over did it on cold tires. Made a few mistakes myself and dropped down to 8th. Stayed in the 6th-8th bracket for the rest of the race as I battled with Simon and Manuel and more than one occasion. Good battles with both of you! Simon you finally got past me without me falling off, well done! Now its my turn lol :D Manuel, very enjoyable battles behind you, just couldn’t make it stick past you for ages until I got you around the outside of the right hander after the chicane. After all that I managed to limp home in 6th with a slightly dented car.

Overall a very good race. I need to learn to not drop gears so fast as it tends to make you spin, I could have finished higher if I kept the car on the track on every lap. Good to see a decent amount of drivers turning up, if we have at least 10-12 for every GTL night I’m sure we can keep it in the Community for the foreseeable future. I was impressed by the very clean driving as well, nobody seemed to be annoyed with anyones driving. The leaders were patient in waiting for backmarkers to move over and from the comments the leaders were impressed too. Lets keep this up guys, this is what GTL nights should be about – fun, gentlemanly racing.
See you at the next one guys! :thumb:
Had a great nights racing, much better than anticipated as the only other times I've tried to race the Lettuce it's bit me :pound:, much hilarity in the chat window through practice and quali, it really added to the atmosphere.

I had fastest lap in practice but expected to get trounced in Qualifying as normal, took the fuel out of the car and stuck another click on the front shocks and it made the car a bit less taily out of corners, one absolutely banzai lap got me pole with a new PB.

I managed to get away and stay in first at race start, yes I know, another shocker:D, but as Gary has said he was not about to make it easy for me so I was forced to drive at maximum pace for the whole race, I watched his fight with Eck in my mirrors with interest too as I knew if my Bro got behind me he would take no prisoners:p then Gary made a wee mistake that gave me a 6 second lead and I eased up a bit, too much as it turned out towards the race end with Gary hauling it all back, and then some, I really did think I was going to get zapped coming to the last 2 laps and with the tyres feeling like they were made of teflon I had nothing to give, luckily for me G spun coming out of McIntyres, it looked very low speed so I thought he'd get back as he was so much faster than I was at end but I was surprised to see it had ended his race. Blue flaggers were excellent all night, even when I went up the inside of Andy into the Hairpin when he was already holding to the right because Eck had just passed, damn that was close :wink: sorry if I gave you a fright Andy. Thanks to you gentlemen for the excellent race and the added bonus of allowing me a win, no doubt you'll get me next time :evil:


Eck Simpson

Well, it was most enjoyable last night. As it always is in GTL.
I had a reasonable time in both practice n qually, when I tried light fuel it got exceptionally squirrely. So, with race fuel was extremely happy to do the 59.5ish, (I'd only done 1:00.5ish, before then). I set about changing tyre pressures, sorting brake bias for the remainder of qually. The fine tuning payed off.

Starting 5th on the grid, I had 3rd approaching Duffus Dip. Was outbraked (by a long way) by Ben, 4th going down Duffus. We had a couple of laps of good clean fun, then I got by... thankfully.
When I got to Gary, I had a couple of near misses, both at the hairpin. He seemed to be having trouble, getting pulled up for it. So I was making attempts to get the drive, up the hill. Then, finding him in the way, at exactly that moment where I was getting on the throttle... lol. He got a gap, as I had a half spin the second time.
Desperately trying to get back, I came upon an errant car (reversing into the track) at McIntyres... No contact, but Gary was gone.
Without Gary to concentrate on, I got a bit silly approaching Duffus. Outbraked myself n spun into the inside barrier.. Limped back onto the track, spent a couple of slow laps making sure it was ok.
I had had a couple of cut warnings during the race, so I knew I had to be cautious. Coming to the hairpin, I noticed a few unlucky gents in the track again. And again, was met by an errant car (this time atleast driving forward... lol) I cut the hairpin in avoidance, stop n go... Went straight to pit n did it. Exited pit n spent another couple of laps getting back upto speed. Then I noticed Ben approaching, so had to get a wriggle on again.
Then another car was catching me, thought thats not Ben... it was Sam about to lap me... I couldn't let that happen, so set about doing some quick laps again. On lap 47 of 48, with Sam in close company, I spun at the top of the chicane... I was in 3rd n lapped.. fech... then lost 3rd to Ben... Hadn't realised Gary was out n I was actually 2nd... oh dear...

Grats to Ben n the other fella, forgot his name now... lol.
Thanks to all for another great race.

Matthew Parr

Glad you guys all had fun :) Without me :( My pain in the arse of a mother ;) (love here really) decideed to kick me off however much i protested during Practice :( So sorry guys! she did say sorry this morning and gave me £5.00 which went towards phone credit :D lol
Glad you guys had some fun would like to see the race if anyone can upload it lol!

Matt Parr
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