100 Laps of Mid Ohio event.

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    Just a short posting to get your attention for the upcoming 100 Laps of Mid Ohio race in our RDWES.

    A quote from the News posting:
    With the ongoing developments of rFactor 2 the game is evolving into a platform which is looking even better than we could’ve expect when it was first announced.The latest screenshots posted in the rFactor 2 section of the forum speak for themselves in that matter.

    As RaceDepartment really wants to use the full potential of the simulation, even while it’s still in beta, we have decided that it’s time for our first official endurance event: The RaceDepartment World Endurance Series, or RDWES in short, is a series of (semi-)endurance races that will held throughout the year. Various endurance events will appear on the racing calender, to give the simracers with a long breath the challenge they are all looking for!

    For this first episode, we will visit the Mid Ohio track in the USA. Mid Ohio Sports Car Course is a road course auto racing facility just outside the village of Lexington. Since it’s opening in 1962, it has been optimized a few times, which results in the current layout available for rRactor 2. The track is perfectly suited to host multiple motorsport classes running at once, with its wide lanes and overtaking opportunities all around.
    The total length of this race will be a stunning 100 laps which equals about 2.5 hours of racing so stamina is required as there will be no driver swapping allowed yet in this phase of the beta of rFactor 2. Are you up for it? Read more about this event in the Intro and Info post and signup for our first endurance event since our migration from rFactor 1.

    So take a look in the info thread, and sign up for this special event! I am sure this will lead to a lot of close racing, and this will seperate the boys from the men :) Looking forward to meeting you all on track again!