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10 Questions for David Pemberton


Thou shall not pass!!!
I'm a big fan of @Fat-Alfie 's tracks. If there are enough participants, I'm willing to organise events with his tracks and maybe combined with some other long tracks like the Nordschleife.

Please respond on this post with a 'Love' if you would participate in those events so I can get a picture if we can get a decent grid.

At the moment Feldbergring and Thomson are not yet available on s.gp though.
I Hope next time a interview with
@ Chief Wiggum ( his outstanding F1 mods rfactor 2)
@ Postipate

this guys deserve recognition. Try the f1 1986 mod it blows you away!!
I'm not bad at the first half of Fonteny but then I get to the point where my memory shrugs and gives up, there's usually a bit of cross-country sight-seeing after that.

Oh, and as someone who also does the dishes I have to go with the old standard Fairy Liquid, it's very kind to your hands.
I Hope next time a interview with
@ Chief Wiggum ( his outstanding F1 mods rfactor 2)
@ Postipate

this guys deserve recognition. Try the f1 1986 mod it blows you away!!

Svictor too
He is one of best rf2 track modder
His work on gpl 1967 Targa Florio reworking all 72 km road mesh is insane

His 37¾ Mile Isle Of Man gpl conversion reworked on rf2 was a jewell too
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Haven't read the thread, just want to use the opportunity to - once again - say that "thanks" is so a little word. I'm not worthy.
Haven't been simracing recently, but latest activity was AC and three of the four tracks mentioned as well as they came out.

Even first mod versions from the modder are of the highest quality content, to my impression.

Enjoy mixing classic 60ies classes to competitive level. I think the AI track works are all splendid for an off line race, getting in gear with a real challenge, while driving I allways gets daydreams of visiting the real world roads again of which speaking Deutchlandring and Fonteny (yes fictive for track, but 35 yrs ago I drove on the roads just in the neighbourhood).

This is surely work of passion.

Keep up the good work.
«In real life, I am not really into cars».

Wow, never would've thought so. :confused:

For the past year or so I've spent most of my sim racing time just cruising on mountain roads in AC in all types of road cars.
Needless to say, Deutschlandring, Feldbergring and Fonteny are amongst my tracks of choice so I drive on Fat-Alfie's tracks almost daily.

I'm patiently waiting for Bremgarten now, which I have no doubt will be another masterpiece.

Thanks for all you do for this community David :inlove:


Honestly I rarely go to AC these days compared to years past, but when I do, one of David’s tracks are on the shortlist of where to drive. Deutschlandring has been one of my top 5 tracks in all of simracing...until I finally tried Fonteny last year and wow...spent the good part of a weekend learning the whole thing and then racing 70’s muscle cars into the virtual sunset. There are no words for how great these creations are, so thanks for all the hard work and dedication :thumbsup:

Now, if nobody has mentioned it yet, I really hope the next interview is with Ilja, so the community can collectively show our appreciation for Content Manager. Without that and quality mods like David’s tracks, AC wouldn’t have experienced this second life.
@Davide Nativo Thank you for the nice read, very good idea! Actually one of Fat-Alfie's post in he mentions that he's got a list with the name he'd like to read about made me think: how about making this series something like a relay? I mean FatAlfie would suggest the next person who would be the subject of the next article, and then that person would also suggest the one after. Like a chain.

@Fat-Alfie thank you for all the work you've put into your creations. Those tracks make hundreds of like-minded sim racers happy on a daily basis, and that's quite an achievement.
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