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10.- BRIEFING - Paul Ricard

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. David Garcia

    David Garcia


    1.- TEAM SPEAK
    Team Speak is mandatory. IMPORTANT to stay in the briefing before the race.

    2.- CHAT
    Chat is forbiden during all the event, but you have to keep it enabled and visible in car to read Race Control Messages. **

    3.- WARM UP LAP
    Formation lap will be done in a pace around 90 kmts/h.

    It is really important you keep a constant distance with the car infront and the car behind, so no brake or accelerattion test will be done.


    - It will be a single file rolling start.

    - Stay quiet until you read on chat "STARTING WARM UP LAP", then Safety car will turn lights on and the lap will start. A car will start moving after the car infront start the lap, and never before.

    - When starting the formation lap, remember you will loose a position with the safety car, so take care of being in your position and always take care of knowing what car you have to follow.

    - The complete lap will be done in the same pace around 60 Kmts/hour. Some messages will be seen in chat saying "Keep your pace & formation".

    - IMPORTANT Even with the safety car on track, it will be the leader of the group resonsability to have a constant pace, so if the Safety Car accelerates going back to pit, the leader of the group have to keep a 90 kmts/h speed. As seen in previous races, Safety Car can be disconected so it is important leaders knows his role in the formation lap.

    - Then when reaching the start/finish line Race Control will give Green Flag or Red Flag via chat, depending if the formation of the group is correct or if there where incidents in the formation lap.

    - No overtaking will be done before crosing the start finish line, even if the Green Light is ON. The cars behind the leader will consider race started once the last turn is completed.

    In the previous races I have seen some weird moaneouvers from the lapped cars, even going into the grass to let the lapping car overtake them. This is not necesary. Please read next, we need to grant a safe race for all the cars, slow and fast ones.

    IMPORTANT The slow car have to grant a clean pass for the fast car, but staying in his driving line and NEVER moving sideways.

    Watch next video and see some examples of being lapped with any of the cars loosing time, or at least, loosing the minimum time:

    Yes, blue Flags have to be respected as fast as possible when they are shown.

    5.- ESCAPE KEY
    Remember you can press ESC, but never with traffic or in the racing surface. Be sure you are completely alone when hitting ESC.

    6.- SUPER POLE
    In Super Pole mode Qualifying, you have to complete the Out Lap, Qualy Lap and In Lap.

    Respect the speed limit at pit lane.

    IMPORTANT - In Paul Ricard, the end of the Pit Lane goes straight to the race driving line, so the car pitting out have to take special care at that point and respect the blue lights.

    Even with that, Race Control recomends all the drivers in race to try to avoid going over the pit lane exit lines, and once passed them go back to the driving line. There is space and time enough to put the car in a good situation before reaching T1.

    8.- WEATHER
    Remember to check the weather forectas on website to have a close idea of how it will be in the future event. But the most important, check the session info into the sim or in the Pit Wall to take a direct look to the tarmac and know exactly in what conditions it is.

    Race Control will declare the race wet or dry at the beggining of the Race session. In the case it is declared on wet, all the cars will be asked to turn the lights on once in the starting grid.

    At the start of the warm up sesion there will be a "live" briefing in Team Speak".
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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