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F1 2018 1-pit strategy too op in 50% races. Any way (mod?) to fix that?

F1 2018 The Game (Codemasters)
So far I played my career with 25% distance races, but I wanted to increase it to 50 because 25 sure does feel rushed.

I hear people saying 50 is more interesting too because it opens different pit strategy options, but to me this is a plague rather than a blessing.

My point is 1-stop strategy is too op in a race that is shorter than full lenght, because there's no race time to make up the seconds lost on an extra stop. This makes using ultras to try to reach Q3 simply not worth it, because the penalty of a more "aggressive" strategy would be far too large. This totally breaks the enjoyment of specifically 50% races for me.

Easiest answer would be "100% ftw", which I agree as a gaming experience it would be awesome, but in the other hand it is too much of a time drag, which I unfortunately cannot afford.

Is there a way to reduce tyre wear on 50% distance so everyone stops only once like they do on 25% races, or any other way to fix that?
K, think I found my answer on the modding requests thread. :)

You must have the EGO ERP Archiver

1) Using EEA, open the tyrecompounds.erp found in Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2018\asset_groups\f1_2018_vehicle_package\tyrecompounds
2) Export the file as an XML using the XML files menu option
3) Open the XML file with notepad (or notepad++, whatever you like)
4) Find the section where it says <wear>, look for the area marked as <WearRate value=""/>
5) In the quotation marks ("") there will be a number. Change it as you see fit (decreasing the number means less wear, for example changing 0.072 to 0.036 cuts the wear rate in half)
6) Find all of the wearrates, there is quite a few in the file, and change the ones you want to change.
7) Save the file then import it using EEA into tyrecompounds.erp then save that file as well.

That's it.