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1.5h GT3 Club @ Mountain Peak (Roadcourse) - Saturday 14th February 2015

Sorry Won't happen again. :(

Excuse my language but
(Moderator edit ;))

I cant take part, please sign me out. Really sorry, I would have loved to race here :(
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David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Guys I know you are probably already rolling but I have to pull out. We have a child who has taken ill.
Edit Well this is embarrassing, race isnt last night its tonight!
OK still in.
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Matt Horst

Just to clarify i see my name in the sign up list but i don't think i had signed up.I am not planing to race today,i have other things to do.:)

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Guys I think the 911 is bugged at this track.
I've hit the same invisible wall as Tapio a few times now (like 25% of laps) and I get a pit lane speeding penaly when I'm 20 meteres from pit lane.
Ive done just a few laps in other cars and no issues. Do some more now and report back.

Edit, lots of laps in McLaren and no issues.
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This was one of those races where everything went according to my strategy.

From the beginning i was very careful with the tires so i could push harder at the end of the stint with a lighter car. Managed to do that and went into the pit stop with some seconds to spare after Jose had some problems.

Second stint i kept the same strategy saving the tires in case i had to battle in the last few minutes. It wasn't needed because i managed the gap and never lost much time.
It was a perfect race for me with no crashes or big mistakes and a very consistent pace.

Had a great time with you guys. Thanks for another fun event. :thumbsup:
Just switched to the BES cars when qualy started. So P6 or P7 had been ok.

Then when driving to the grid the field started to move before i was on my spot. Then i got a stop&go and i dont know why. @Stefan Woudenberg was so nice to remove the penaly but he had to pull aside. So i waited for him and we started the journey 50sec behind the rest of the field.
After some laps i was more comfortable with the car on this track and i could start to reduce the gap to Stefan until he did his first stop. Then i collected one after the other while stretching my stop to the 60min mark. I entered pit as 2nd and returned to the track as 4th. Then the great chase for @Tapio Rinneaho in 3rd started with a 30sec gap. In the last 30min i could really push without taking to much care of the tires and could reduce the gap to .4 at the finish line. During this chase i could unlap myself and reduce the gap to all of the top3.
Maybe i could have challenged @Joao Fernandes and @Jose Mancera without the problems at the start.