1.2 has changed my server settings

Dan ONeill

Hi all,

Since the 1.2 update the ServerLauncher.exe will not write the correct format configuration in the server_cfg file and entry list.

When I use the app to configure a server it causes the server.exe to not start.

I have tried manually editing the files too but the issue remains, if I launch a "stock" server.exe then all is ok.

Basically my question is: how can I get the acServerLauncher.exe to update the config files?
It used to work just fine.

Versions are:


acServer.exe 1.1.1



I'm off to watch the British GT3s at Brads Hatch today so I'll check back later.....

If I can get this sorted I'll do a server for GT3 at Brands hatch tonight, called 57


Use only the ACServer Manager and this one saves what you did in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\server\presets\
The entry_list and server_cfg are there.

I had to look twice at first try ... as the old system remained ( not working ) together with the new one.

It looks like a bit of disorganization and done in a hurry. ( it seems to become a habit now ! )
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Dan ONeill

Thanks Jean-Pierre,
It seems to be a mix, I had issues with dot net so that's why I couldn't use the server manager. It's pretty good now, nice interface. My other issue was port forwarding as the port numbers had changed compared to what I was using before.
All good now, cheers,
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