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Feb 19, 2007
Simbin released via Steam today its latest update/patch for Race 07
Patch on the way (Steam) - RaceSimCentral Forums

Quote on RSC forum
Patch on the way (Steam)
In preparation for the upcoming GTR Evolution expansion Race07 patch is about to go live on Steam already now. Depending on how things go it can be live already tonight.

Main difference in this patch will be reworked pitstops, head out to GTR Evoltion - Developed by SimBin and check the FAQ under support to see some details about how new pitstops work.

Changelog from to

-Added support for the upcoming GTR Evolution expansion.
-Added texture garbage collection
-Added option to choose minutes instead of laps in dedicated server.
-Added "right-click to unbind control" in control settings. ESC will cancel instead of unbinding
-Added reworked pitstops logistics
-Added 'automatic gear' and 'automatic clutch' to in game host menu.
-Fixed mesh cache.
-Fixed description on Honda and Alfa 2007
-Fixed driver feet animations.
-Fixed helmet view FOV in rain.
-Fixed so category buttons in custom championship track selection won't select the track.
-Fixed car alpha bug in replay
-Fixed . issue in foldername
-Fixed free flight cam in instant replay
-Fixed camera change bug after instant replay
-Fixed blue flag warning (24s before stop&go)
-Fixed virtual mirrors still showing when looking back
-Fixed time attack refresh button text (bug in non-english languages)
-Fixed bink clear backbuffer. (Steam Community popup getting stuck in intro movie)
-Disabled car collision in pit lane.
-Loading optimizations.
-Removed timings info from second race timings screen.
-Removed car class filter in lobby.
-Removed pit stop screen tint and added text shadow
-Reworked pit strategies for AI.
-AI code tweaks
-AI tweaks for Macau, Pau and Porto (reduced crashing)

Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
May 19, 2007
The class filter was not working; I held only wtcc, wtcc87 and mini in the past.

I think about the pitlane collision:
If you have the autopits option to On, the AI might screw up the pitstop from others who drive manual. Therefor its better to turn collision off.

Sol Leung

So far i'm loving the Smooth REPLAY!! YEA!! Finally!! :whoo:

in this new patch! :p
Feb 19, 2007
I think i just found a bug in the latest patch

My fav Mini nr 77 is suddenly missing (you know...the Red Nose one:))
anyone else has that bug?