09' BMW 320i Top Euro Steptronic [Conversion, update]


Track front 1500 mm 59.1 in
rear 1513 mm 59.6 in
Length 4520 mm 178 in
Width 1817 mm 71.5 in
Height 1421 mm 55.9 in
Kerb weight 1395 kg 3075 lb
Weight distribution
Fuel capacity 63 litres 13.9 UK Gal 16.6 US Gal

Cylinders S-4
Displacement 2 litre 1995 cc (121.742 cu in)

4 valves per cylinder
16 valves in total

BMW N46B20 Double VANOS 2.0 16V Inline-4, 1995cm³, 170 hp @ 6700 rpm, (210 Nm) @ 4250 rpm

Converted by AmgFan and CaioBallejo. 0-100km/h in 9s, top 225 km/h

Model from Trall - Yes, i got permission since my 330i converted in 2008.
Modify list: Tail light, new textures, resized model (real size), front details, 16-in alloy rims with 205/50R16 tires, exhaust, engine, suspension.


325i NON-CG for old racers.
Bonus: http://www.4shared.com/file/cMV39MKQ/bmw3seriese90_325i.html

325i CG
http://www.sendspace.com/file/76nwxt (325i)
updated 325 CG with reverse camera (credit:Adamo)

320i Top CG (works fine with new racers - both cg and no-cg) - NO QLOG ERRORS -

Pictures (CG):

Link: http://www.4shared.com/file/x1o0HSkd/bmw3seriese90_320i.html

*Works fine in racer 0814.


This is one lovely car! Drove it around for more than an hour on Gizmo's, and it was a pure pleasure. Congrats!


Ok, never mind i'd say it, but i must admit CG rox! It's a pity it kill my fps and turn the game unplayble. So, as you can see, play with 10fps is a suffering. So, to take screenshot is good, maybe someone who has a high end pc can use it fine. BTW, I liked the result. Soon in your pc.

BMW @ CG shaders @ carlswood @ racer 0.8.10. i dont know why i got red aspect in the body color and other minor details.



I haven't tried it in game yet, but I noticed that the car folder is 159 MB and it could be reduced to a small fraction of that without any loss in quality. For example, the Raven variants have 16 MB images with solid color and unused alpha channels. They would still look the same at 1x1 pixels and 24 bits (no alpha). Many other image files could be reduced a lot in size if they were saved as compressed TGA.


File name: bmw3seriese90_320i.rar Edit file name...
Type of file: File
Size: 7,705 KB
Where you saw 159mb? When i past the car folder from racer 088 to racer 0.8.10 to convert to CG, i saw it, and was afraid my car gets so big. But i saw again and discovered, that 159mb was the whole folder of game.



It doesn't take much space in a RAR because TGA files can be compressed efficiently if they're solid color or have lots of empty space. After I chose a variant, there is now 64 MB in this car's folder plus 107 MB in the Raven variants folder. You could probably get it under 10 MB just by saving the files with the right settings and resizing the solid color images.

I didn't notice any big problems with the car in game. The latest Racer version is so choppy and buggy on my computer that I can't really test this properly..


Ok, never mind i'd say it, but i must admit CG rox!
Hm.. when looking at those screenies I must admit that /not/ using CG is a bliss. They look fluffy.. like cotton.. totally unrealistic and stressful on the eyes. Sorry. Just my humble opinion.


@ks95: yeah, better. but not so much that I am ready to disregard the old shaders. I am a die-hard fan of them. Maybe just because I know how to maximize their potential.. at least to a certain degree..

Mr Whippy

I noticed the HUGE textures on the 135Ci you sent me AMG Fan...

Were they 2048x2048 with a solid colour on the whole thing... a massive waste of both HDD space and texture memory on the gfx card...

In theory you can simply use a white 2px x 2px texture and even have the colours done in the car.shd under diffuse/ambient colour tinting! That would make the car folder even smaller for variants (just variant the car.shd) (or in my case, run ini.exe and change the car.shd by batch file :) )



Ok, i will change the variants to get less space. Later i upload here.

@KS95, the sounds of 320i of sure isnt too breathtaking like 6-inline bmw, but is a bit sportive.



Well, few hours working on shaders, model, textures etc. and here is a cg version:

AMGfan, if You want i can give You this version, it'll save a lot of Your work ;)


Yes Adamo, please. Is this cg version for 325i?

320i stock skybh have made cg for me. i will upload tomorrow. you can send the link by PM, so I paste it in the first post! thanks!
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