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Featured “My First Time at the Nürburgring”

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by leon_90, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Markano97


    First game i had where the norschleife was included was Gran Turismo 4. In my first attempts i gave up about halfway round until i watched that Top Gear episode with the Jag and i wanted to beat that time so i took an S-Type and detuned it as much as possible to match the car from the episode. And i loved the track and have been running laps ever since:D
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  2. Hal Burns

    Hal Burns

    Crashed out many times in GPL and gave up. Years later in AC, RRE, had another go.....I know the first half quite well....ha ha. Once I have inspected the rest of the fencing, I should have it memorized! Good fun trying, though!
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  3. Alex72


    I cant remember what game i did Nords the first time but i remember crashing all the time from not knowing the track. With AC i quickly got it down and now i can almost sleep while driving it because the layout is in my spine at this point. You guys get it. :D
  4. Thombike


    By me was...Typical (or not)... i try once, than second one but everytime when I try I only crashed. Everytime on every corner. SOmetimes huge crash tells me - No, You can't, but... I'm one of these guys which is motivate by competition. And I find one of league, where guys drove with GT4 and GT3 cars almost only "Green Hell". Sometimes 10 lap race, sometimes 3h endurance. Well..I must to try. First in Cayman GT4. It was looooong time training. Lap after lap. I look at my rivals time table and I try just to catch the last one. And sudenlly form 28 people in GT4 class I was...10! How! Must try again. And Again, and again...After couple od days I finally began to understand some of corners, some places on track. I slowly understand where what I schould drive. Yes, I have still many crashes but not so ugly as it was on the begining of this journey. And than came race day... I finished it almost last...I dont remember...18 from 20 or something like... But my best time was on top 5. Ok...You Can Do It! After couple of months I finisched regularly in top 10, than I try GT3. And as earlier...crash after crash to be better after couple of months. Than...Top 10, but...I still everytime when I can drive on it I'm afraid and I'm full of respect for this track and guys who drive on it like on your own yard...this I can't. I'm, probably too old :D
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  5. Isaac Chavira

    Isaac Chavira
    Livery Designer Premium

    I remember a fully turbo'd out 911 in FM2. I felt it was the proper car to take out. I made it all the way to the 'Rabbit Hole' and crashed into the guard rail =o)
  6. raiod


    It was on GPL too and just because it was a part of the fixture from a league I was racing on, otherwise I wouldn't even tried to learn it, I was just starting in simracing and I used to think that it was going to be too big of a task for me...
  7. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    A rally car driving friend had a cockpit setup in his home theater using the wall as a screen. He had GTR(I think) And I drove it for the first time, fell in love. I doubt I'll ever get there so I drive it as much as I can in whatever sim I'm using at the time. The RD Race 07 club ran event often there, here's an incident at the Carousel from one of those races:
  8. Petr Dolezal

    Petr Dolezal

    I was practising on racing simulators and then went to the track ;)
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  9. Fat-Alfie

    David Pemberton Premium

    My first time was in AC. I was really excited to try this track that was supposed to be amazing. I jumped in my favourite car at the time (KTM X-Bow) and set off for my first lap... and hated it :( I crashed at most corners, ran wide, just couldn't put a clean lap together :mad:

    How could this track that was so highly rated by so many people be so bad? I just assumed that because the track was amazing, it would make me amazing (which it didn't). I tried it a few times, on and off, but never really liked it, or understood it.

    Until I started to work on a car for AC. I wanted to make an accurate BAC Mono and needed a track that had a bit of everything - fast straights to check the aero, twisty technical sections to check the handling, tight bends to check the braking... So I loaded up Nords again, not with the intention of enjoying the track, but merely as a convenient track to drive my car, over and over and over again. Over the weeks, without realising it, I was starting to learn the track, and starting to enjoy it. I couldn't believe I had ignored this absolute gem for so many months! It had everything, all in one track, and beautiful surrounding too!

    These days, if I am not working on one of my own tracks, it's one of the very few tracks that I will load up in AC just to enjoy lapping, in pretty much any car.
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