1. walczu

    Zengő #79 #99 WTCR 2022 2 skins 1.0

    Zengő Motorsport WTCR 2022 Drivers: #79 Robert Huff #99 Dániel Nagy for Cupra Leon Competición by TM-Modding
  2. Silver Darkness

    2015 Zengő Motorsport skin for Honda Civic TCR 2016 1.0

    Skin remake of the WTCC 2015 Zengő Motorsport skin for the 2017 Honda Civic TCR, made by Silver Darkness (Discord: ---[BLANK]---#9286) Installation: Put the folder in either: "*game root folder*/content/cars/tcr_honda_civic/skins/" "*game root folder*/content/cars/tcr_honda_civic_v2/skins/"...