z4 gt3

  1. T

    BMW Z4 - 3.0 CSL Tribute Skin 1.2

    This is my attempt at recreating the Z4 tribute skin. It includes a clean version and one with sponsors and driver names. Both versions now include a white a black skin. This is the first skin that I have made from scratch, so feedback is appreciated. I can provide the PSD file by request...
  2. FUrbizaglia

    BMW Z4 GT3 - Ripper's Babe 2019-04-20

    Instructions Extract the 'bmw_z4_gt3_livery.zip' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'bmw_z4_gt3_livery' DDS file
  3. A

    Setup Z4 GT3 8:11,950 3 Laps Nordschleife 24h 1.0

    You also can find this setup at The Setup Market. Have fun.
  4. schoden

    BMW Z4 GT3 // VR.org 24H- Team Abgefahren II 2019-01-09

    #Another official Abgefahren-Skin for the 2019 VR Endurance Season. Enjoy and wish us luck for a good result!
  5. Maark

    2001 ALMS PTG M3 GTR inspired Z4 GT3 skin 1.1

    The 2001 M3 GTR Prototype Technology Group livery for the Z4 GT3. Includes: - #10, driven by Niclas Jönsson and Bill Auberlen - #6, driven by Hans-Joachim Stuck and Boris Said
  6. Maark

    2001 ALMS BMW Motorsport M3 GTR inspired BMW Z4 GT3 skin 2.2.2

    A skin based on the livery of the 2001 BMW Motorsport/Team Schnitzer M3 GTR, that gained success in the American Le Mans Series, with other teams later proving successful in 24 Hours Nürburgring and 24 Hours Spa using the M3. Includes: - #42, driven by J.J. Lehto and J.Müller - #43, driven by...
  7. F

    Skin for BMW Z4 gt3 2018-07-16

    Razor's BMW m3 skin from Need for Speed Most Wanted adapted for the BMW Z4 GT3
  8. Shadowoff

    BMW Z4 GT3 Marc VDS Racing 24h Spa 2014 2018-07-09

    Hey, as no one had done these beautiful liveries yet I thought I would have to take my own hands onto them :) Marc VDS Racing #66: Marc VDS Racing #77: I´m thinking about doing some more liveries from the 2014 24h Spa but don´t expect them to be delivered fast as I´m doing them more out of...

    BMW Z4 GT3 Skinpack 0.4

    BMW Z4 GT3 Skinpack 10 fictional skins in 2k. Extract the archive in your cars folder. Fits well with these packs: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mercedes-amg-gt3-skinpack.26460/ https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/porsche-911-gt3-r-skinpack.26470/...
  10. K

    BMW Z4 GT3 Ecurie Ecosse 1.0

    This has been sat on my hard drive for three years. Quite low quality (professional skinner I am not :p) so don't get too close unless you have a fetish for pixelated car skins :thumbsup:
  11. Markkoenig

    BMW Z4 GT3 - Garuda Team livery [Fictional] 2017-05-06

    Inspired from soon-to-be-released Formula Fusion's Garuda race team (example). The skin is 4K.
  12. cartman78

    BMW Z4 GT3 VDS Racing #26 Zurich 24h-Rennen 2015 Nürburgring -

  13. cartman78

    BMW Z4 GT3 VDS Racing #25 VLN 2015. -

  14. cartman78

    BMW Sports Trophy Team Studie #7 Z4 GT3 2014. -

  15. jingsha

    BMW Z4 GT3 Pennzoil Racing 2.0

  16. cartman78

    Schubert Motorsports ADAC 24H Renen 2014 Z4 GT3 #20 -

  17. cartman78

    Schubert Motorsports ADAC GT Master 2013 Z4 GT3 #20 -

  18. cartman78

    Schubert Motorsports ADAC GT Master 2013 Z4 GT3 #19 -

  19. cartman78

    Team Schubert Z4 GT3 #19 Karcher ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen 2015 Nürburgring -

  20. cartman78

    Team Schubert Z4 GT3 #20 Huawei ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen 2015 Nürburgring -