1. Paul Jeffrey

    MotoGP | Rossi to Leave Yamaha in 2021 - Quartararo Joining

    MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi will part company with the works Yamaha outfit in 2021, paving the way for young hotshot Fabio Quartararo to join Maverik Vinales at the Japanese squad. As the most successful rider in MotoGP history, charismatic Italian Valentino Rossi has an incredible following...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Hamilton/Rossi Set To Swap Machines This December

    Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi are set to sample each others office for the day this December, with both racing legends taking to the track at Valencia on December 9th. Should Hamilton secure the 2019 Formula One World Championship this season, Yamaha MotoGP rider Rossi and Mercedes driver...
  3. kawa4saki

    Retro 2005 Yamaha Valencia for custom rider (modernbike) 2019-09-03

    This is my very first created skin for motogp19, my first attempt aswell. It replaces the modern yamaha for custom rider (monster energy bike only) Tried to get as close as possible for me, to get the Yamaha 2005 Valencia livery on the bike, aswell for the suit. It is not 100% accurate...
  4. DigiBric

    M2R GiGino Performance Team 3.0

    Changelog 3.0: Bike color more opaque How To Install: Extract and copy file in, es: C/Program(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP™19/motogp19/content/Paks... Replace Yamaha Petronas Custom Pilot Mod created for youtuber NU89
  5. Pasko

    Career Helmets Shoei - DCShoes 1.0

    Here are 4 Shoei Helmets I made myself for Career. First 3 are for KTM, last one is for Yamaha. Simply extract .rar file, then copy the file and paste it in C:\Program Files\MotoGP 18\motogp18\Content\Paks
  6. Dogface

    Ride 3 Yamaha R1M racing livery pack 2019-01-16

    Pack with my 3 previous skins of Yamaha R1M. (racing version) **If you have installed the previous delete to use this.
  7. Dogface

    Ride 3 Yamaha R1M Marlboro racing livery 2019-01-16

    Marlboro Livery for Yamaha R1M. (racing version)
  8. Dogface

    Ride 3 Yamaha R1M Movistar V.Rossi replica racing livery 2019-01-14

    Livery for Yamaha R1M (racing version) Movistar Yamaha Motogp team replica (V.Rossi) by request. **Know issue, if you install this mod the sticker "the doctor" remains in all three race livery models.
  9. Dogface

    Yamaha R1M Black Poison Racing Livery Ride 3 2019-01-12

    Custom livery for Yamaha R1M (racing vesion).
  10. BIKER7202

    2019 Update V1.8

    My 2019 Mod Is Finally Here, I Hope You All Enjoy Trailer by Himura: Install Instructions Are In The RAR. Thanks To Jonix For Allowing Me To Use His Awesome Ducati And Honda Wing Models Thanks To CalicoJack For Allowing Me To Use His Bagnaia Helmet, Suit, Gloves And Boots Thanks To 86ayayay...
  11. xTiKzF1


    Hello, in this post i'll post custom liveries for MotoGP maded by me. You can follow me at INSTAGRAM and see all my concepts I have other forum with F1 CONCEPTS you can see it :D You can give me some ideas and I will read it! First, I'll upload Yamaha bikes in 2019: Monster Yamaha (Black &...
  12. Jimbo62

    Formula A - MotoGP 2018 crossover - Full grid 2018-09-30

    Formula 1/MotoGP 2018 - Full Grid Choose one skin and place formula_a_livery.dds in : Steam\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries Sadly P.Cars 2 don't allowed multi customs liveries and customs rims... See my others skins ...
  13. xTiKzF1


    Hello everyone! This mod is a concept of the MONSTER YAMAHA, the new sponsor of Yamaha in 2019. This version includes the livery of bikes #25, #46 and career mode and suits of #25 and #46. V1.1 includes a black variant replacing blue and keeps monster energy as main sponsor Also I have...
  14. xTiKzF1


    Hello everyone! This mod is a original concept of the SIC TEAM, the new satellite team of Yamaha in 2019 with Petronas and Sepang Internacional Circuit as main sponsors It replaces the two bikes of the TECH3 team and also you can use it in career mode The livery replaces the Monster Yamaha...
  15. BIKER7202

    MotoGP Bike Models For Photoshop 1.0

    Note: Not a mod it's just to assist making mods All the MotoGP bike models for Photoshop: GP16 GP17 GP18 GP18 Lorenzo GSX-RR M1 M1 Rossi M1 Syahrin RC16 RCV213V I'll upload the rest of the pictures onto the support thread
  16. xTiKzF1


    Hello. This helmet is based on the official 2018 helmet of Valentino Rossi, a MotoGP driver. It has been created for be a career helmet but it can be used for a driver helmet like Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen Also is the special design for Mugello 2018 (Viva l'Italia) For combine I have...
  17. xTiKzF1


    Hi everyone! This mod is Monster Yamaha Tech3 Team in F1 2017. The livery is for WILLIAMS and in the future I will change the clothes and numbers and do more teams Also, I have: YAMAHA F1 TEAM DUCATI F1 TEAM REPSOL HONDA F1 TEAM OCTO PRAMAC F1 TEAM SUZUKI F1 TEAM APRILIA F1 TEAM KTM RED BULL...
  18. xTiKzF1


    Hi everyone! This mod is Movistar Yamaha MotoGP 2018 team in F1 2017. In this MOD is: - LIVERY OF THE CAR 2018 - NUMBERS OF THE DRIVERS (25 & 46) - HELMETS OF THE DRIVERS 2018 - SUIT 2018 In the future, I will upload the gloves, caps and the pits of the team! Also, I have: DUCATI F1 TEAM...
  19. xTiKzF1

    MAVERICK VIÑALES HELMET 2018 2018-04-10

    Hello. This is my second mod and my first helmet, is based on the official 2018 helmet of Maverick Viñales, a MotoGP driver. It has been created for be a career helmet but it can be used for a official driver For combine I have: YAMAHA F1 TEAM VALENTINO ROSSI 2018 HELMET I hope you like it!!!
  20. novaleº

    YAMAHA 2018 1.1

    Yamaha MotoGP Team 2018 for MotoGP17 This mod contains: -Bike Yamaha MotoGP season 2018 -Valentino Rossi suit season 2018 -Maverick Viñales suit season 2018 -Box Yamaha MotoGP season 2018 -Yamaha mechanics clothes season 2018 -Helmet VR46 winter test season 2018