1. General_Failure

    Realistic Engine Sounds for Copa de Marcas 1.2

    Realistic Engine Sounds (internal & external) Version 1.2 It includes: - Engine/Transmission/Backfire/Up & Downshifts .WAVs files. - Modified .VEH files for all the cars. - New .SFX file. How to install: - Backup the files! - Extract the ZIP file to your Automobilista directory (Overwrite...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    WTCC is Dead, Long Live WTCC - Tribute Video

    Following the merger of TCR and WTCC the FIA World Touring Car Championship is officially over, check out this touching tribute video to the history of this epic series... Released by the outgoing World Touring Car Championship organisers, the near four minute tribute video tracks the history...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Have Your Say: TCR Regulations the Future or Temporary Measure?

    Out goes the World Touring Car Championship and in comes WTCR for 2018, but is the adoption of TCR regulations a long term solution or simply a crutch for a dying series? Once upon a time touring car regulations throughout the world joined together in unison allowing the best of the best to...
  4. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Kevin Gleason - RC Motorsports 1.1

    Fixing some Issues and creating new Materials, now with correct Rear Wing on both Sides. Backup your old Lada.mas Please Delete the old Version, I changed Filenames!!
  5. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Y. Ehrlacher - RC Motorsports 1.1

    Y. Ehrlacher #68 - RC Motorsport - Backup your Original Car Files. Please delete the old Version, New Filenames !!!
  6. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Lada Vesta Update for Ehrlacher and Gleason 1.2

    I changed the Front to Red, Update for Ehrlacher and Gleason. reworked Skins coming #soon Don't forget 2 make a Backup of your Original Lada.mas Thanks to several Guys for helping and supporting me. :)
  7. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Filipe C. De Souza - Guest Driver - RC Motorsports 1.0

    I changed the front part at the grill from chrome to yellow and created the Car of Filipe C. De Souza #26 - a Guest Driver for RC Motorsports at Motegi Ring Thanks to all Peoples for helping and supporting me :)
  8. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Mehdi Bennani Rework - Elysee 1.1

    WTCC 2017 Mehdi Bennani #25 // Updated // fixed / Updated:
  9. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - John Filippi Rework - Elysee 1.4

    WTCC 2017 - John Filippi #27 Sebastien Loeb Racing Team Windows & Names. are still Original from the Author. they're will be updated later. please rate and comment my Cars to know what you think and or for bugs / errors, thanks
  10. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Tom Chilton Rework - Elysee 1.2

    Tom Chilton #3 Rework of Tom Chilton's WTCC 2017 Car. Windows & Names. are still Original from the Author. they're will be updated later. //please rate and comment my Cars to know what you think and or for bugs / errors, thanks
  11. ARTeam

    WTCC 2017 - Elysee Update Addon - Ma Qing Hua 2017-11-12

    // Sorry, wrong Thread, It's a Skin. Saw it too late. // First of All, This is my first Paint I created and shared. Its the Comeback Car of Ma Qing Hua #30 - He drives at Macau next week in the WTCC for Sebastien Loeb Racing. The Template of this Car is really Strange, so i do my best and I...
  12. Imre Bende

    WTCC 2016 - 2017 by SIMCO 1.41

    Downloads: Credits: Original (with permission): Automobilista by Ulf Convert,remap, graphics: Emerico 3D,remodelling: Sompir Physics: Emerico Textures: Emerico Camera: Emerico Sounds: Emerico
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom Free Weekend Returns - Volvo WTCC and Hungaroring Featured

    The Volvo S60 TC1 WTCC car around the Hungaroring will be free to everyone this weekend in RaceRoom Racing Experience as the "free weekend" promotion restarts... Run initially as a weekly promotion by Sector3 Studios, after a short break the free weekend promotion has returned and this week...
  14. Bindaree Racing

    New Mods

    This is probably a silly question, but does anyone know if there are any modders out there making any new mods for Race 07??? I know it's over 10 years old and some of the graphics are a bit dated, but I keep coming back to this game. The latest one I've got is the STCC 2015 by AndreasFSC...
  15. Chabalian

    AMS_WTCC 2017 skinpack with Lada 2017-05-06-02

    For the mod WTCC 2016 1.5 for AMS by Triebie that you can find there : soundfix : After install of the mod, unrar to: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\automobilista...
  16. Chabalian

    WTCC 2017 skinpack except Lada 2017-08-17

    This is a pack of the liveries from the WTCC 2017 after the race of Italy at Monza For the mod WTCC TC1 by : TCS16 v1.3 for AC mod edit - external download link removed Enjoy !! :)

    LADA Vesta Template to EEC WTCC 2016 by RUTHEMBERG 1.0

    LADA Vesta Template to EEC WTCC 2016 by RUTHEMBERG 1 - This is not a awesome template or "the best of art state", just think this: "Before, we don´t had nothing, and now we have something". 2 - I made just the base, and now is time to you exercise your creativity. 3 - This is just a...
  18. M

    eWTCC RaceRoom - Learn about it here

    mod-edit: you can post your videos here
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom WTCC 2016 Preview Video, Release Next Week?

    Sector3 Studios Georg Ortner has released an interesting new video of the WTCC 2016 pack for RaceRoom, prompting rumours that the cars could release as early as this week... In his sizeable nine minute video, Sector3 Studios own Georg Ortner takes the 2016 specification Volvo Polestar S60 TC1...
  20. Chabalian

    WTCC 2017 Citroen C-Elysee #12 2017.01.22

    WTCC 2017 Citroen C-Elysee #12 This is the new car of Muennich-Motorsport for the 2017 season of WTCC, the driver is Robert Huff, For the mod WTCC 2016 1.5 for AMS by Triebie that you can find there : soundfix ...