wrc wrc8 cpu

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    [Request] Can someone with i7 check performance without HyperThreading on?

    Hi, I have issues with the game being stuttery. It's probably because of my 4 cores only CPU (6600k). Could someone with i7 disable HyperThreading and check how the games behaves on 4 cores only , and then enable hyper threading on compare. Would be grateful, because I'm considering changing CPU...
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    Does it need 6 CPU cores ?

    Hi, I have stuttering issue, can this be caused by 4 cores of my i5-6600k ? According to this article: https://www.dsogaming.com/pc-performance-analyses/wrc-8-pc-performance-analysis/ the game needs at least 6 cores. I have a gtx 1070. Anyone with 4 cores here , whats your feeling about it ?