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work in progress

  1. H

    [Custom Livery] - Pop Team Epic - [work in progress]

    Hello everyone first post here :giggle:, I'm posting here since I don't have permission for posting in the mods section (sorry for that) I wanted to share my work in progress on a custom livery for the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018. I hope you enjoy it :) #Download: The skin files can be...
  2. CivElox

    Audi R8 Polizei (WiP) 0.9

    Hi Guys today i will show you my Work in Progress R8 GT3. This Audi is designed like a police car of the police of saxony. Like u saw in the title the whole skin is WiP. so there willl be updates if I find wrong textures an failures in the colour of the car. please leave a comment if you find...
  3. abrimaal

    FIAT 125p for Race 07 and related games 202104re

    This is a pre-release. A converted 3D model. The car is drivable, but missing the interior. There is no interior and cockpit at all. I am looking for collab in finding and adapting cockpit to this car. The rest of graphics I will do - lights, shading, textures, cameras. There are two variants -...