wont start

  1. ksxv

    Assetto corsa won t run in 64 bit despite having windows 10 64 bit

    The log is down bellow if someone can figure it out what is going wrong ?
  2. Z

    General Failed to Launch the Race

    Ive been trying to play AC wit some homies but I keep getting hit with this Steam API error does anyone have A fix for this ive tried unistalling AC and reinstalling and verifying files but it seems nothing is working... even going into my firewall and allow controlled apps. PLEASE HELP :(
  3. A

    Starter not engaging

    Ok so I recently found out that you could mod and changing up textures in my summer car (yes I know I'm a noob). I installed a couple, (ute mod, new house and enable the apartments). I also changed the color of the gauge needles as well as the gauge cluster itself, halo headlights and a couple...