1. Ama FMOD

    Shelby GT500 Stock & S1 Soundmod 1.0

    Hi everyone, one more sound to add to your collection : The goal was to make a real compressor whine and a brutal V8 exhaust ATTENTION : This soundmod uses a custom revlimiter set at 7020rpm make sure to set rev_limiter in you engine.ini at 7020rpm or just use the car available in a package in...
  2. S

    NFSMW 2005 BMW M3 GTR gearbox sounds mod. 1.0

    So this simply replaces GTR2's stock gearbox whine sound that the M3 GTR uses, with NFSMW 2005's sounds for the gearbox whine. No stock files are replaced except ''MZ3sounds.aud'' in: GameData/Teams/24H/BMW M3GTR Teams So make a backup of the .aud file incase you want to revert back to the...