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  1. Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 review

    Fanatec Podium Wheelbase DD2 review

    In our latest hardware tech review, we take a look at the current Fanatec Podium DD2 wheelbase, to find out for ourselves if all the fuss around the flagship Fanatec offering is truly is justified. Fanatec top level direct drive wheelbase. Retails around 1500 Euros. Compatible with past...

    Authorized Vendor Simplace | The Largest Sim Racing Hardware Collection | Check it Out!

    Hi there sim fanatics! If you are looking for a new steering wheel, than we have something cool for you ;) The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel! The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel is one of our best selling sim racing steering wheels at the moment! The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel is 300mm diameter and is...
  3. NeverKrash

    Sell Fanatec V2.5 Clubsport Wheelbase (UK)

    SOLD Boxed contents: All original accessories, power cables (UK & EU), screws, paperwork and components included. Comes with original box and Fanatec bag. Condition: Excellent condition. Even has the original plastic glass cellophane film. A small sticky felt pad was added to the upper-back of...
  4. ionONE1

    Sell Oculus Rift cv1, Fanatec: CSW Base V2, ClubSport Pedals V3, ClubSport BMW GT2 rim, Formula rim

  5. Rinax89

    Question About Custom Wheels on a Fanatec Wheelbases

    Hi there! I just want to follow question to my previous post (http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/question-about-custom-wheels-on-a-thrustmaser-wheelbase.142659/#post-2613427), this time with another question relating to Fanatec wheelbases; are Fanatec wheelbases like Thrustmasters? Where in I...
  6. Rinax89

    Question About Custom Wheels on a Thrustmaser Wheelbase

    Hi there all! First off, I want to apologize if this question has been previously asked somewhere else, but for the life of me, I can't find any related threads. I was wondering if the Thrustmaster wheelbases require the original wheel to be connected in order for the PC to recognize it. I ask...
  7. NeverKrash

    Sell Thrustmaster T500 RS - GT6 Edition

    SOLD ON 14/10/2017 Selling my very good condition Thrustmaster T500 RS racing wheel. This is the blue box GT6 edition wheel, fully boxed with pedals and all accessories. I haven't been able to make best use of the wheel since I bought it, and would like to sell it. I have owned it since May...