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  1. AC wet mod example @Monza uploaded 2019-12-12

    AC wet mod example @Monza uploaded 2019-12-12

    Assetto Corsa Wet Mod working with current Custom Shaders Patch and Content Manager using AF_wet_Mod ppfilter. NOTE: (CM/CSP) Deactivate->"new smoke and dust" effects (settings->Custom Shader Patch->Particles FX) AND enable->"smoke generation" (settings->Assetto Corsa->video)
  2. vlasovas

    Storm Wet 2019 1.1

    I do not authorize the distribution of this mod without the credits, with credits of the Author is another story! See in installer when you mouse over the properties of each version! Mod made to enhance the feel in rain! 1.0 - Improved car spray - Drops falling on the car improved -...
  3. Albs

    Feldbergring Wet 1.0

    Inspired by the great track by Fat-Alfie here comes the wet tarmac addition for Feldbergring. Installation First thing is to make sure you already have Fat-Alfie's original Feldbergring track, otherwise this addition won't work. As always, extract the archive in assetto corsa main...
  4. Albs

    Assetto Corsa Wet Mod by A.Fracasso 2.0

    Wet Mod 2.0 - Night and Daylight edition - New settings, native compatibility with Shaders Patch & Dynamic Lights, enhanced realism in night and daylight conditions - Double layered wet tarmac texture, with differenced reflections for a deeper and more detailed wet ashpalt. - Shadows fix -...
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