1. davidjoshuamusic

    WDTS 180sx - Lightning Skin Pack 1.0

    Car Mod Source: http://worlddrifttour.com/ So, I love the World Drift Tour Street Pack, but I've been bored with the blank skins. Was making my own skins for video content and thought others might enjoy it as well. Also, I included a couple "murdered out" versions with flat colors and the main...
  2. ZoeyW

    WDTS Nissan Laurel C33 - Let's All Love Lain skin 1.0

    As always just extract it into assettocorsa/content/cars/wdts_nissan_laurel_c33/skins
  3. V

    WDTS S14 Team Anxiety Livery 1.0

    Hey all, This is an another livery that I have made, this time it is a livery for a friends team however he is open to having it published to the public. I hope you guys enjoy this livery and have fun sliding!
  4. drivegirl

    WDTS Nissan Silvia s14 Drift 2020-03-06