washington state

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: Washington Release Date News!

    SCS Software have finally confirmed when the upcoming Washington State DLC will be made available - plus a nice new launch trailer is here. We've spoken about the upcoming map expansion for American Truck Simulator several times here at RaceDepartment, despite the fact that one could argue...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: Washington Logging Cliff Road Previews

    Check out the latest previews from the Washington State DLC - logging cliff roads! Everyone likes a tortuous and twisting cliff side road when hauling heavy cargo from place to place, don't they? Well, if that sounds like fun to you, then these previews of some of the new road structures...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: Washington State Landmarks Preview

    SCS Software have a Washington State expansion DLC in development, and have taken the opportunity to showcase some famous landmarks from the region. Seemingly in a constant state of development and improvement to both this American Truck Simulator title and its older brother, European Truck Sim...