1. Azazman

    Polonez Caro 1.7

    Update to long outdated car which took me a few months to complete. The one and only Polonez Caro. This update modifies the original mod made by siedlecki95. The improvements include: redone interior working wipers full set of lights working dashboard. The makeover was given to all 4...
  2. Sp00kz

    No Good Racing Red Bull livery for the TNT Honda Civic EK9 1.0

    How to install: Extract the zip file and copy/cut the content folder to your assetto corsa root folder. If you like my work consider following me on IG:
  3. Assetto Corsa - Speeding & Reaching top speed on Tokyo Shutoko highways [60fps]

    Assetto Corsa - Speeding & Reaching top speed on Tokyo Shutoko highways [60fps]

    Here's my take on Shutoko videos! Tuned BMW M3 E46 flooring on the highways, I love these not overpowered but tastefully modified cars.
  4. Captain Slav1

    Chitoge Wangan R32 Itasha Version 1.1

    My second Itasha, I'm not the best at making skins but I put hard work into it. Put a Suggestion for a new Itasha on the topics.
  5. Vegetable Tsai

    Wangan Midnight Arcade HUD 1.0

    V1.0 doesn't come with Tachometer and Boost Gauge, you can download these instead: Initial D Arcade Tachometer Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge Statement: Apps and Textures I released here are Scratch-Made. It's my pleasure to be said those textures are ported from the original game, although they...
  6. el_mattpro

    Tokyo Xtreme Racer - Skinpack v0.1

    Warning: To use this skins you need Supra mk4 Time-Attack from Kunos (original AC) + Shuto Project Nissan r32 and S14 Hello everyone, some of you know me as the "inmersive filter" guy, since yesterday i'm working on skins, is the first time i enter in this "Photoshop-Skin world" so i hope you...