wakefield park

  1. Monyx

    RainFX for Wakefield Park circuit 0.3

    RainFX extension for Wakefield Park, a small circuit in regional NSW Australia. Includes defining smooth and rough materials billboards, corrugated buildings tyre walls, grass, dirt etc and a couple of streaming points for the flag marshal/starters structure. On some items like "metal" roof it...
  2. The-IC

    Wakefield Park v0.2

    Wakefield Park, NSW, Australia v0.2 2.2km 17 pit garages From the readme: "Assetto Corsa - Wakefield Park, NSW, Australia v0.2 - Iain "The IC" Chandler Originally submitted to RaceDepartment Modeled from GPS data pulled from trackdays in my own GT86, and gigabytes of high res photographs...