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  1. davewilliams000

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 - Mercedes W09 1.1

    Presenting my Mercedes W09 skins for Formula Hybrid 2018 by Race Sim Studio! I've tried to make this as accurate as possible, but some adaptations are needed as some parts of the RSS car are a different shape to the real Mercedes. The stripes on the sidepods and on the tub/cockpit sides were...
  2. Daniel Paez

    MERCEDES W 09 4K 3.1

    MERCEDES W09 4K 1.0 RB Shape/Melbourne 2018 Based on Espectacular 2018 Mod by Skyfall, with Hamilton & Bottas Helmets. Two Versions: - For Original Game - For Skyfall 2018 Mod * Reworked Rear Fin with Numbers * Real Shine * Reworked Nose Graphics with Hilfiger Banner * Fix Livery Main Files
  3. M

    Mercedes W09 Dashboard for SimHub 2.1

    Mercedes W09 Style Dashboard for Simhub. Includes: Bottas & Hamilton Dashboard Configurations Correct Race Start Visuals Safety Car Screen Pitlane Screen Realistic Warm Up Mode Screen Flag Warnings Car Warnings Hope you all enjoy it!