vw polo gti r5

  1. RBR Livery Presentation | VW Polo GTI R5 - SS Gestel

    RBR Livery Presentation | VW Polo GTI R5 - SS Gestel

    Livery Download Links: - C. Cherain: https://*******/gR6EX2Q - M. Evans: https://*******/VR6E1Mq - T. Bell: https://*******/wR6E3EA - K. Abbring: https://*******/yR6EMfn - B. Crossett: https://*******/KR6EBOV - V. Verschueren: https://*******/kR6E8L7 - S. Vansevenant: https://*******/kR6
  2. Amne Miqo

    VW Polo GTI R5 |G.Basso / L.Granai - Il Ciocco rally 2020 1.0

    Hi guys, today i bring you the livery of Giandomenico Basso, one of the most titled italian pilots. The livery is taken from his last participation in the Il Ciocco 2020 rally, not 100% perfect but I tried to give my best as always :D Hope you like it :D For installation: copy & paste "pr5"...
  3. RallyGamer

    VW Polo GTI R5 Delporte/THX Racing - Davy Vanneste / Kris D'alleine 1.0

    Vehicle: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 Livery: Delporte/THX Racing Driver: Davy Vanneste (BE) Codriver: Kris D'alleine (BE) Rally: Rally van Wervik 2019 Class: R5 More rally liveries available at my website! Installation manual can be found in the download