vrc mclaren mp4

  1. Etau

    Subaru VRC 2005 1.0

    Hi everyone, After nearly two years without posting any mods on this website, I'm coming back with a new Subaru livery, this time on the VRC McLaren MP4-20 for Assetto Corsa. I really hope that you will enjoy that mod, others are coming soon.
  2. Vinicius Preu

    VRC McLaren MP4/4 Performance FIX 1

    MAKE A BACK-UP BEFORE!!! \content\cars\[VRC Mclaren mp44 cars] original mod McLaren-Honda MP4/4 1.3 [https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mclaren-honda-mp4-4.12089/] - Honda RA168E V6 turbo fix [Over 300 km/h] - Aero fix, restrict downforce [like 80s wings] - pit-stop fix [refuel and other...