vrc formula lithium

  1. Feint

    OZ Racing Formula E rim textures 1.0

    Correct rim textures for the Formula E race car from VRC (Formula Lithium). Replaces the VRC lettering with the OZ Racing curved logo. These textures are white lettering on black. I have released two additional colors on my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/feint. Instructions: Unrar the...
  2. zelli

    Mercedes Benz EQ Season 7 FE Skins V1

    Hey Guys, Today im sharing with you my second pack of FE skins for the upcoming start of S7!! Here is a sick new livery, Mercedes Benz EQ!! This pack contains both the #5 and #17!! I hope you enjoy!! If you would like 2 easy was to support me and tell me you want more FE Skins, Subscribe to my...
  3. A

    VRC Formula Lithium real name and logo 2020 1

    VRC Formula Lithium real name and logo 2020
  4. M

    Formula Lithium - Nio 333 2019/2020 Skin 1.0

    This mod contains 2 skins for Daniel Abt and Oliver Turvey.
  5. A

    Formula Lithium - ROKiT Venturi Racing 2019/2020 Skin 1

    This livery was used in the 2019/20 (season 6) of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship and was driven by former Formula 1 driver Filipe Massa and 10 time Macau winner Edoardo Mortara See the livery below: Reference images were taken from the Formula E Media site (have to sign up) and most logos...
  6. nihilus99

    VRC Formula Lithium Sound

    Please help, people. I have a trouble with F Lithium sound - it only INSIDE car. If i change camera to outside car - and no more sound, only wind...(( Anyone can fix it ?
  7. S

    VRC Formula Lithium Porsche Test Car 2019-04-25

    2019/20 ABB FIA Formula E Porsche Test Car driver Neel Jani