vr settings

  1. T

    Looking for a good setup starting point

    Hello! I know that this probably has been asked multiple times and that a lot of it is personal experience but I'm currently looking for the best settings for Assetto Corsa that I can use as a starting point. I'm not happy with my current setup settings wise as most cars feel uncontrollable to...
  2. motopreserve

    VR just went batsh*t

    hey folks. Been having some issues with AC and VR using the Oculus Rift S. Jumped into an offline race today and when the lights went out....no smoke. But approximately 20 meters down the road, all cars on the grid started throwing smoke like a 5-alarm fire. And they didn’t stop. At all. I...
  3. DarXtreme

    VR CC Filter 1.0

    The VR CC (Correct Colors) Filter is a post process filter made exclusively for VR users, with the purpose of fix the brightness and the colors of the default kunos filter and weather. The mod can be installed manually dropping the files inside the second VR CC Filter folder or can be installed...
  4. Tony Bew

    VR Mixed reality and Mouse Pointer etc.

    I have been using Mixed Reality (VR) headset in various sims AC, pCars, pCars2, R3E, rFactor2 for a couple of months now. I have a Samsung Odyssey and an Acer AH101. I wear glasses (mainly for long sightedness and have had to use some ingenuity to ensure the headset lenses are fixed away from my...
  5. DrinkingCurly

    F1 2018 VR - Vorpx & Ingame Settings

    With the release of F1 2018, I go through how to setup Vorpx and the in game settings, so you can play F1 2018 in a basic version of VR. Here's the link to the video
  6. M

    Vive Pro - Project Cars 2 Settings

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to get PCars 2 VR Settings clear for the HTC Vive Pro to no luck. I had SteamVR SS per application at 100% and moved the SS in Project Cars 2 VR Settings to 1.4, and it looked ok in daytime, but once there was a nighttime track everything was jagged and jittery...