1. Jose Mendoza

    Volt Racing Porsche Cayman GT-4 no.7 1.1

    On this occasion I bring to you the 2019 IMSA Volt Racing skin of the machine #7, driven by Trent Hindman for the 2019 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge. A little rough because the resolution of the kunos template is only 2048 x 2048, and not 4k. If I find a 4k template, I will remake it...
  2. Jose Mendoza

    Volt Racing Ford Mustang GT-4 2019-10-04

    I bring to you the skin for this Mustang GT-4 (Legion), of the yelloy Mustang of Volt Racing , the machine #7 Driven by Trent Hindman in IMSA 2018. (Oldie but Goodie) Crafted with Love. Enjoy.
  3. XBTech

    Cluster, Arduino, Problem

    Good morning everyone, I've been playing with a Honda Civic 2000 cluster for a while. I just wan't to have the RPM and Speedo to work. It was working fine like a year ago on my breadboard (and Assetto Corsa). I did not take any notes (I know, best idea I ever had), now I weld everything on a...