Das der Crew Chief eines des hilfreichsten Programme/Apps für Assetto Corsa ist, ist bereits vielen bekannt. Mit der integrierten Sprachsteuerung lässt sich der Chief auch problemlos mit der Stimme lenken. Doch der eingebaute Schimpfwörter Modus, der spielt in einer Liga für sich!
  2. pclipse

    Co-Driver Alternate ENGLISH Voice V0.1

    I wasn't able to find actual voice recordings for Patrick Brunner's Co-Driver Application, so I thought I would record myself and replace the sounds as it was difficult listening to Microsoft Sam guiding me through Monte Carlo at 100mph. NOTES: - This Mod is for the NUMERICAL MODE ONLY, I...
  3. B-to480

    Co-Piloto/Co-Driver Español (Latino) para RBR.

    --------------------------------------------- 1°Introducción en ESPAÑOL. 2°Introduction in ENGLISH. --------------------------------------------- ///////////////////////////Español////////////////////////// ¡Saludos! Para mi pequeño primer "Mod", he creado voces para vuestro copiloto en RBR para...
  4. B-to480

    Co-Piloto/Co-Driver ESPAÑOL (Castellano).

    ------------------------------------------- 1°Introducción en ESPAÑOL. 2°Intrudoction in ENGLISH. ------------------------------------------ /////////////////////////////////////Español//////////////////////////////////////// ¡Saludos! Para mi pequeño primer "MOD", he creado al copiloto que les...
  5. Peter Reginald

    How I control Assetto Corsa and Content Manager without keyboard or mouse

    Voice Control Assetto Corsa and Content Manager Hello and today I'm going to show you how I use Content Manager and Assetto Corsa without touching the keyboard or mouse. I race and live stream in VR and the last thing I want to do is fumble around for the keyboard and mouse so I created a bunch...
  6. TommyJ1994

    Liam Brennan Co-Driver Mod [Eng] 1.1.0

    Installation Install the mod in the gRally mod manager in the main menu by importing the downloaded .grMod file. Then select the co-driver in the pacenotes settings.
  7. Scarystuff

    [Mod request] App for VR to emulate Discord overlay

    Is it possible to make an app that shows the same info as the Discord overlay does in flatscreen games, but as a normal app ingame so people using VR can also see who is in the same voice channel and who is speaking? And if someone could maybe hack something like that together, I would be very...