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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Mod Focus: The Jaguar XJ13 is One Bad Ass Cat - Short Film and New Update

    One of the best mods for Assetto Corsa has been updated, to celebrate check out this awesome new mini documentary film of the Jaguar XJ13, one bad ass cat... Introducing the 'Jaguar XJ13 is One Bad Ass Cat' short film documentary by @Seria17hri11er. Coming in at an impressive 11 minutes in...
  2. Ufo aka Juggalo

    [Porsche 962C ST] - Dauer Racing 1989 #5 1.0

    This car is the Dauer Racing entry in 1989 ADAC SAT 1 Supercup. As always livery is optimized and comes with additional textures (driver, crew, tires).
  3. Fat-Alfie

    Thomson Road Grand Prix 1.0

    This is the first track I have completed and released for Assetto Corsa. I found it by accident and then completely fell in love with it. It is a street circuit, half of it a twisty old road through the jungle, and the other half a newer, straighter section. It was used between 1961 and 1973...
  4. MadMat

    Honda S800 RSC Vintage Skins Pack v1.0

    Honda S800 RSC Vintage Skins pack v1.0: Some fictional skins for the Honda S800 RSC, made using sponsors and style from the 60's - 70's. They all have custom pit, crew and driver suit/gloves/helmet and infos. Include: #13 Bomba Squadra Corse #16 Castrol Racing #24 Tamiya #64 Yoshimura #66...
  5. Ufo aka Juggalo

    [Porsche 962C ST] - Skoal Bandit Porsche Team C#105 1984 1.0

    I made this livery based on the paint job from 956 car because I think that it just look better, so this is not 100% accurate to the car from 1984. Fun fact: in 1984 season this car used an engine from the 935 car. In following year the engine was upgraded to 962/71 and the car was repainted to...
  6. A3DR

    Honda S800 Cabriolet 2.0

    Just go ahead and enjoy the ride! Check out the WIP thread for future development updates, RSC version and more: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/wip-honda-s800-stock-and-rsc.122812/ 3D model and textures by Alberto Daniel Russo Physics by Aphidgod Sound bank from Kunos' Alfa Romeo GTA...
  7. Giuseppe Abagnale

    Abarth 1000 Berlina 2.0

    Finally after so much time, books reading and questioning around I have been able to update this tiny beast to version 2.0. In 3 year many things have changed in the world as in the modding community. First of those is the introduction of the Custom Shader Patch made by Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab...