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  1. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 4/7 1.0

    Part 4
  2. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 3/7 1.0

    Part 3
  3. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 2/7 1.0

    Part 2
  4. Alexanderssen

    F1 1995 SEASON MOD PART 1/7 1.0

    Salut les gars, There is my new mod. I hope you'll enjoy it. Tanks for the support. Download all the 7 parts. The mod is only available in english Skip the evaluation test (bug). Features video.
  5. Rufus Baggsby

    Help please: Racing Sim with Vintage/Veteran Mods?

    Does anyone know if any of the Racing Sims supported on this site have pre-war vintage or veteran car mods available? Thanking you in anticipation. PS: Even '40s or '50s would be good.
  6. ndgo

    VGN Fairlane Fix Kit 1.6.6 2018-08-26

    BASE CAR NOT INCLUDED Sound: same 427 engine from other areas of the game and same as base mod before it broke, tire sounds and wind rush restored. Engine: limiter Fixed, doesn't damage itself all the time. Tires: updated to newer game standards, still original specs from base mod. UI...
  7. Yggdrasil92

    West Mercedes final

    West Mercedes 190 EVO2 DTM Number_7 K.Thiim
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Historic Formula One Cars Released for rFactor 2

    The beautiful Brabham BT44B and March 761 have been released for rFactor 2... Studio 397 have deployed two new and free historic Formula One cars to rFactor 2 recently, having completed work on the stunning Brabham BT44b of 1975 fame to join the 1976 March 716, two very active and famous cars...
  9. Fat-Alfie

    Feldbergring 1.4

    After just over a year (on and off) I have finally finished my second track for AC - the Feldbergring. The Feldbergring race took place every year in Taunus, Germany, from 1920-1928, from 1934-1936, and lastly from 1950-1954. I have made the last version they raced on. The circuit was 11.6km...
  10. Turbina

    Alfa Romeo GTA - Real life skin pack 1.0

    Hello vintage car lovers! As my first upload, I'm releasing 3 different liveries for the awesome Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Included in this pack: -Rosso Alfa 1300 Junior Skin -Bianco Alfa 1300 Junior Skin -Ex-Autodelta 1300 Junior - Chassis no. 775358 I have spent many hours on...
  11. S

    1958 LeMans skinpack 2018-02-23

    1958 LeMans skinpack include 27 real cars and drivers car links: Aston Martin DBR1 new link Ferrari 250 TestaRossa Jaguar D-Type new link Lotus 11 link changed, old one lotus chrashed game. sorry for this :) Maserati 300S Porsche 550A Spyder Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder by Kunos
  12. MajkiMajk

    Vintage 24H of Le Mans Gr. 6 Sticker 1.0

    Hi and enjoy. The year number can be edited to whatever you want so, don't panic.
  13. MajkiMajk

    Vintage 24H of Le Mans Gr. S, P, TS and GTS Stickers 1.0

    Hi, hope u like it, some classic ;-). The year number can be edited to whatever you want so, don't panic. :)
  14. F

    The World's Most American Camaro 2017-11-15

    I thought the "patriot" skin already in the game wasn't "Murican" enough, so I cranked it up a notch. Don't get triggered by the confederate flags and trump bumper stickers, it's called being ironic :P btw, the christmas bumper sticker is not a typo by me, thats a real sticker you can get off...
  15. del_ri97

    Ford Escort Mk1 - Gulf 2017-10-19

    gulf_05 for ford escort mk1
  16. BorekSt

    (WIP) F1 Legends Racing 2.0

    hi to all historic F1 Grand Prix fans, just to let you know, after the august/september 2017 mod public release for GT Legends and GTR2 there is also the rFactor and Automobilista conversion process in work, which opens a question "how about rFactor 2 version?", right? :) well, I can announce...
  17. Bobby Pennington

    US 60's Supercars @ Monza 66 Road Course - Thu 28Sep17

    Welcome to 4 weeks of celebrating one of the most iconic names in motorsports, Ferrari. 70 years of making some of the finest road and track cars in history. This week we are going to be running a historic event with the Ferrari 250 GTO with the Lamborghini Miura; a car that came out of a...
  18. aphidgod

    Cars Lola T70 MkII Spyder (rF2)

    aphidgod submitted a new resource: Lola T70 MkII Spyder (rF2) - Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets Read more about this resource...
  19. aphidgod

    Lola T70 MkII Spyder (rF2) 2.0

    Fresh off the GT40 project in 1964, Lola's Eric Broadley designed his own sports racer, the T70, to race in 1965. It combined everything he had learned working for Ford with all of the ideas they wouldn't let him try. Though it was quick straight away, he immediately set to work on improving it...
  20. A3DR

    #6 Roland Syntesizer skin for Honda S800 RSC 2017-06-24

    Thanks to @aphidgod for the inspiration to do this skin. Comes in 4k by default, 2k .dds file also included.