vettel helmet

  1. F1_Pr0X

    Sebastian Vettel Tribute Helmet v1.0

    Sebastian Vettel Tribute Helmet Notes: -You are NOT allowed to edit "my" work and reupload them/claim them anywhere as yours. -If you are gonna occur any type of problem, report them in the discussion tab or send me a message on discord @Pr0X#0005 -Big thanks to @Aloy_ for making this 3d...
  2. Theofilos

    Sebastian Vettel 2022 Austrian GP helmet - ACSPRH Compatible 1.0

    If you want me to make you a custom skin, you can do so over at my fiverr page: Installation: After installing the latest version of ACSPRH ( you just drag and drop the...
  3. Dimitar Vitanov

    Sebastian Vettel 2020 helmet N.1 1.0

    You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :) Sebastian Vettel 2020 helmet reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download
  4. wesbe

    Sebastian Vettel 2019 Abu Dhabi helmet 2019-11-29

    With this mod you will be able to replace the in game helmet of Sebastian Vettel with his actual Abu Dhabi helmet, he's using this weekend. I did a "90-years" version because the game uses the "90-years" livery so it matches better I really hope you like it and have fun with it :D
  5. wesbe

    Sebastian Vettel 2019 Brazil Helmet 2019-11-17

    The helmet in this mod is to replace the helmet of Sebastian Vettel in the game. So you shouldn't use this helmet for your own D: