vantage gt3

  1. M

    V12 Vantage Bilstein 1.0

    One thing i noticed is that no one made AMR v12 Bilstein livery that been racing quite a few times on Nürburgring and other tracks around the world. So here we go. Bilstein inspired livery for i am nowhere good enough to do 1:1 replica paired with my almost total laziness. Hope you enjoy it...
  2. AndrewShelby1

    Aston-Martin REDSKINS Racing | Vantage GT3 v.1

  3. AndrewShelby1

    SPEEDHUNTERS RedBull Racing | №11 v.2

    For fans of Sergio Perez) Which I have been since 2012 ( Malaysia )
  4. dyl3mma

    Aston Martin V8 Boost Mobile 1

    Hello, Here is my Boost Mobile concept livery I made for fun. Please enjoy! PS. I left the race number on for inspiration. if people prefer the livery without the number, Ill re-upload. Thanks
  5. DonatDrifter

    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 #99 Beechdean AMR British GT 2019 1.00

    Extract in your rFactor 2 installation folder. Made by Donat Prodan (me), feel free to use and take screenshots with them. Enjoy!
  6. DaWallace

    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 fictional livery "Green Devil" 2019-03-14

    i created this livery for me for the actual Simsport GT3 Endurance Championship that i'm driving this livery is for the Guerilla Mods "Aston Martin Vantage GT3" have fun with it :)
  7. DonatDrifter

    Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Gulf 12h pack (Oman Racing with TF Sport + Beechdean AMR) 1.0 (#97), 1.1 (#98)

    When copying and pasting, overwrite all files! Liveries/skins are replicas of real life liveries entered to Gulf 12 hours 2018. The liveries are made in a new way provided by Studio397, taking advantage of the new material system to add different reflections to different parts of the livery...
  8. Rikkies

    Aston Martin Racing #50 #51 #52 #53 1.0

    The Vantage GT3 has been designed from the ground up to offer customers the latest in race-car technology and embraces all the experience Aston Martin Racing has learnt from years of engineering and competing in international sports car racing with the DBR9, DBRS9 and the latest Vantage GTE...