1. GutBomb

    Utah Motorsports Campus 0.6.1

    This was converted from rFactor with permission from the original author. I upgraded some textures and spent a lot of time getting the lighting right. This is my first conversion, so there's probably some stuff I did wrong, but I really just wanted to drive on this track in Assetto Corsa, and...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Utah Release Date Confirmed (New Trailer)

    Most of us will be aware that the Utah DLC map expansion for American Truck Simulator is due this month - well now we know when, and we've got a new trailer to enjoy while we wait! First and foremost the important part - SCS Software have confirmed the latest DLC to release for American Truck...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim | Salt Lake City Previews

    SCS Software sure know how to tease new content - this time showing off some images from the upcoming Utah map expansion for American Truck Simulator. American Truck Simulator continues to expand as SCS Software ever increase their already rather impressive base map for the US based trucking...