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  1. DavidDGA

    1998 Mercedes CLK GTR - Team Persson #11 #12 1.0

    Here is the Team Persson #11 and #12 Mercedes CLK GTR. These ran at FIA GT Championship in 1998. Personally one of my favorite liveries, so I tried to make it for Assetto Corsa. At least for me it is very difficult to replicate, very unique, but I tried my best. Enjoy, hope you like it.
  2. ZL1

    Porsche 911.2 RSR | #79 WeatherTech Racing | 2021 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship V1.0

    Presenting WeatherTech Racing #79 of the 2021 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship The liveries are adapted for URD's free visual upgrade for Kunos's 911 RSR. The base livery is in mip-mapped, non-compressed 4K version to ensure the best quality possible. Feel free to re-edit them to any...
  3. Xavierthehobbit

    URD DETROIT EGT Historical GT40 mk2 1966 skin #1 1.0

    1966 Ford GT40 mk2 skin Le Mans 1966 drived by Denny Hulme and Ken Miles adapted to the Ford GTE You can buy the car in here: https://www.unitedracingdesign.net/product-page/ac-detroit-egt-2018 Screenshots by Volks and Villa.
  4. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Red Bull Organic Porsche RSR 1.0

    This one actually an old skins, done around mid 2019 and I leave like that. I just added version for URD 2018 RSR. Installation just extract on assettocorsa\content\cars Preview: (only 2017 version) Interest with my work? wanna do collab or get personal livery for competition? just DM me.
  5. ZL1

    Porsche 911.2 RSR | Porsche GT Team | 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans | 2K + 4K V1.0

    Presenting the Porsche GT Team's GTE Pro squad at the 2020 LeMans 24 Hours The liveries are adapted to the 2018-spec 911 RSR made by United Racing Design, due to the fact that there hasn't been a good 911 RSR-19 mod around. The package includes: #91 driven by Gianmaria Bruni, Richard Lietz...
  6. R

    Mercedes AMG C63 DTM 2018 2021-01-29

    6 skins pour la Mercedes AMG C63 DTM 2018 (urd_t5_maures_2018) inspirées sur la livrée de Porsche 911 GT3 RS et GT2 RS Clubsport 2018/2019 du team Iron Force Racing le fichier contient 3 skins sans sponsors et 3 skins avec sponsors les templates sont également fournis avec si vous souhaitez...
  7. ZL1

    Porsche 911.2 RSR | Porsche eSports Team | 2020 Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours | 2K + 4K Final

    Presenting the Porsche eSports Team at the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual The pack includes all 4 of the factory Porsche line-ups at the virtual edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours. The liveries are created for URD's 2018-spec update for Kunos's 911 RSR. Kunos's 2017-spec 911 RSR is not...
  8. krissboo

    URD Detroit 2018 EGT / Ford GT MKII skin 0.99

    Love the Ford GT MKII so I decided to make a couple of skins for the URD Detroit EGT 2018 mod. It's not entirely accurate as this skin is not really meant for the race car and unfortunately there are no race numbers because the MKII doesn't race in any classes, it is strictly a track toy for...
  9. krissboo

    #13 + #27 Deutsche Post M8 GTE / URD Bayro EGT 2018 Liveries 1.1

    So I got a request to make a Deutsche Post livery for the URD M8 GTE (Bayro EGT 2018) mod and as no one had made one for this car in AC I decided to take up the challenge. Whilst looking for reference images I found a livery made by Speedyx56 and based my design on their one because it looks so...
  10. Conguito_

    URD Bayro EGT | RLL IMSA 2020 1.0

    URD Bayro EGT | RLL IMSA 2020 The 2020 IMSA (Rolex 24) skins of the BMW Team RLL M8 GTE Contains custom driver textures aswell.
  11. Sylana

    URD T5 Mercedes Persson Motorsport #24 1.0

    2012 Mercedes C-Coupe DTM TV Spielfilm livery for the URD T5 Maures mod. Persson Motorsport #24 driven by Susie Wolff. You need the mod from here: URD T5 Special thanks to krissboo for some of his textures and UolterUait for the config and PBR of the interior, and for their feedback...
  12. krissboo

    URD T5 BMW Team Schnitzer #8 1.0

    2012 BMW M3 DTM "Epost Brief" livery for the URD T5 Bayro mod. Team Schnitzer number 8 car driven by Dirk Werner. You can buy the mod from here URD T5 IMPORTANT: CSP is required for this mod. Special thanks goes to Sylana and UolterUait for the config and PBR for the interior, and for their...
  13. K

    #14 Fernando Alonso Racing LMP1 (Fictional) 2020-07-03

    Quick Fictional Kimoa F.Alonso livery for the URD PX1 Revolution. Enjoy!
  14. Viktoren69

    Corvette C6R Polizia Squadra Corse 2020-05-10

    Polizia Chevrolet Corvette C6R - To be used with this mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/corvette-c6r-2013.2852/
  15. maciejptx

    Assetto Corsa URD Venom Viper GTS-R #91 skin Forza 1.0

    just drag and drop to your Venom skins folder have fun :) if you like it let me know in comments section :)
  16. DTM Zandvoort 2020

    DTM Zandvoort 2020

    Lap of the Zandvoort's 2020 layout in the URD T5 mod with 2018 DTM skin pack for rFactor 2.
  17. Billy Pilgrim

    Doe URD's Porsche 911 GT1 work properly?

    I like URD's physics a lot. And some of their mods don't have issues, which is great. But I'm just wondering about the URD Porsche 911 GT1, which I haven't tried - do its lights work (rearlights, brake lights, headlights) on all it LODs? URD's DTM 2018 mod and the AMR don't have working...
  18. gniewko

    2020 Robert Kubica DTM ORLEN Team Art #8 for URD Bayro 1.0

    unpack into your rFactor 2 folder
  19. S

    URD Bayro EGT Fictional skin Pack 1.0

    So here we go again with some skins, this time already packed up. these are all Fictional and made by me so hope you enjoy them! #88 Monster Energy #73 Valvoline #65 Autech Motul
  20. Brototype

    S397 & URD IMSA 2019 GTLM pack 1.6

    This is a skin pack for some S397 cars and the URD EGT Detroit mod. The pack is fully compatible with the new UI and contains 17 liveries for the Porsche 911 RSR, the BMW M8 GTE, the Corvette C7.R, the Ferrari 488 GTE and the Detroit EGT. Credits: @Arturo Pereira for painting four of the...