urd t5 2018

  1. rFactor 2 DTM @ Nurburgring

    rFactor 2 DTM @ Nurburgring

  2. Cole Gillis

    Rf2 Online URD T5 Competitive League Championship May-August 2020

    Hello everyone!!, I am directing the Rfactor 2 DTM 2020 Championship, We welcome sim racers who have an interest of doing online racing on rfactor 2 that are intermediate and looking for some competitive and fun racing. The car being used is United Racing Design's T5 2018 car. A virtual replica...
  3. Dirk Steffen

    URD T5 2018 - audio popping

    I just bought the URD T5 2018 (DTM 2018) mod and installed it. So far I only tested the BMW M4 DTM 2018. I found that for the first time since I can remember I have distinct audio popping issues - my own engine audio has popping sounds like when there is a bad audio sample. I have not...