urd bayro egt 2018

  1. krissboo

    BMW '99' ROWE livery for the URD Bayro EGT 2018 1.0

    PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MY LIVERIES WITHOUT PERMISSION Had this one laying around for a while and thought it was a good idea to finish it and release it for you awesome people on RD :D This is my take on the BMW M6 GTE '99' ROWE livery that won the 2020 Total Nürburgring 24 Hours. So while it's...
  2. ZL1

    URD Bayro EGT | BMW Team RLL #24 & #25 | Fictional 2020 Le Mans 24 Hours V2.0

    Presenting my BMW Team RLL for the fictional 2020 Le Mans 24 Hours Heading into the final race of the #BigM8 boi, I thought it would be a good idea to bring the entries to LeMans bearing their traditional #24 & #25 numbers. I've also made some person edits to make the cars look visually...
  3. Henky SA

    URD Bayro EGT 2018 - Girls Frontline HK416 Itasha Livery 1.0

    finally, 100 downloads achieved! the 100th resources i uploaded here goes to... HK416 Itasha for the fresh URD Bayro EGT mod. credits : NIXOO (Official Art) & Girls' Frontline just put it straightforward to URD Bayro EGT skins folder. if there's any issue let me know. thanks. PLEASE HELP...
  4. J

    URD Bayro EGT 2018 - BMW MTEK Le Mans 2019 4K 1.1

    Le Mans skin for URD's Bayro EGT 2018 in 4K No 81 No 82