urd bayo egt

  1. krissboo

    #13 + #27 Deutsche Post M8 GTE / URD Bayro EGT 2018 Liveries 1.0

    So I got a request to make a Deutsche Post livery for the URD M8 GTE (Bayro EGT 2018) mod and as no one had made one for this car in AC I decided to take up the challenge. Whilst looking for reference images I found a livery made by Speedyx56 and based my design on their one because it looks so...
  2. Conguito_

    URD Bayro EGT | RLL IMSA 2020 1.0

    URD Bayro EGT | RLL IMSA 2020 The 2020 IMSA (Rolex 24) skins of the BMW Team RLL M8 GTE Contains custom driver textures aswell.
  3. MrBraindown

    URD Bayro EGT/BMW M8 GTE - 4 Fantasy Liveries 2019-10-09

    Right, I'm no professional skinner, but I've made literally hundreds of liveries for my own consumption - all totally made up. I've never shared any before, mainly due to worries about the quality - but a couple of friends of mine wanted copies of these to enlarge their BMW GTE field on the back...