urd amr egt 2019

  1. Martinez_4313

    2022 WEC Aston Martin Pack 1.0

    My patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GlideDesigns Hey hey, decided to modify my Le Mans to properly complete the 2022 WEC with every car that entered the championship, and if you want the porsches is just click here, also the penske is here #33 TF sport driven by Ben Keating, Henrique Chaves...
  2. Martinez_4313

    2022 24 Hours Of Le Mans Aston Martin pack 1.0

    My patreon can be found here for comissions One more pack to complete your grid for this years 24 Hours Of Le Mans, this time is the complete Aston Martin GTEam pack containing the three entrys: #33 TF Sport driven by Ben Keating, Henrique Chaves and Marco Sørensen: #98 Northwest driven by...
  3. Itzdatmancam

    2022 NLS PROsport Racing #17 0.1

    One of 4 PROsport Racing's NLS entries for the 2022 Season. Pilots are Maxime Dumarey and Jean Glorieux.
  4. ESCIxmode21351

    Oman Racing Team Livery #69 Asian Le Mans Series 2022 1.0

  5. ESCIxmode21351

    NorthWest Aston Martin Racing 2021-2022 IMSA&WEC Skin Pack 1.0

  6. ZL1

    URD AMR EGT | Aston Martin Racing #95 & #97 | Fictional Le Mans 24 Hours V2.0

    Presenting my person Aston Martin Racing squad at Le Mans 24 Hours Since I've never been a fan of the light/lime green livery the real Astons had, I've decided to create a personal version with the classic British Racing Green colour. The project took quite a lot of time gathering...
  7. Itzdatmancam

    2021 WEC TF Sport GTE AM Entries 0.12

    The current and ELMS Chassis version for the #33 TF Sport WEC Aston Martin Vantage GTE AM entry. Mod made for the URD AMR EGT 2019 mod. Drivers are Ben Keating, Felipe Fraga and Dylan Pereira. Good luck team...
  8. M

    AMR_Martini Racing 1.0

    This skins is dedicated to my family have the aniversary dates of all. One is for my wife also a car for imsa and the other to my kids lemans team
  9. M

    Aston Martin Martini Racing 1.0

    I Love this skin, and partner with 007 Aston and Martini The Car looks Great on the road. Hope have fun and don´t forget to rank please ou like it For me it´s important to know if people likes my skins.
  10. M

    AMR_97TFSPORTS_update 1.3

    New logos and correct paint
  11. ESCIxmode2132

    AC Urd AMR TF Sport Amr İmsa 2021 24h Daytona Livery #97 1.0

    this is my first livery try my mistakes have fun
  12. R


    Skin made for URD AMR EGT 2019 IMSA 24h Daytona 2021 I hope all of you guys enjoy
  13. ZL1

    URD AMR EGT | R-Motorsport #62, #72, #762 | 2020 GT-World Challenge Europe | 2K + 4K Final

    2021 GT World Challenge Europe - Aston Martin R-Motorsport The liveries are created/ adapted for URD's AMR EGT a.k.a Aston Martin Vantage AMR GTE, since there hasn't been a good GT3 model for this spec. The R-Motorsport squad pulled out of racing in 2020 and 2021 (to focus on 2022), but not...
  14. DannyDotCom

    #007 Bilstein Aston Martin Racing N24 (Fictional Replica) 1.0

    I made another livery, this is for URD AMR EGT 2019 mod from United Racing Design. This is kinda a loose replica of the Bilstein Aston Martin Racing entry from 2013 Nurburgring 24 Hours. Of course it's now "updated" using the new red numberplate introduced in 2019 edition of the event and with...
  15. MR SKINS


    BRITISH GT Championships GT3 SKIN PACK 2020 Skin Pack for the British GT championships GT3 Class 2020 . The file contains a Readme file with the details on the skins. Please don't re distribute without permission and if use in a video please give credit Credit Thierry Warin for tyre...
  16. R

    URD AMR EGT 2019 Fictional #13 & #31 Castrol skins 1.0

    First skin attempt for AC. Nothing special here, but I needed to create a #13 Castrol car for myself because I have always driven a #13 Castrol car in every sim I have ever played in the past. I had no intentions of releasing these because they are so amateurish, but they were a good learning...